The First FREE Website to Check Out is UnSplash


  • Over 500,000 FREE stock photos with thousands more added every day.
  • You can create "collections" which is nice if you have multiple niche websites here at WA. You can have a collection for each niche site you own or however you want to organize your collections.
  • You can view detailed information about each image before you download it. Here is a screenshot of the type of information you can gather which can be useful. You can see how many times the image has been downloaded, how many likes it has and something that you do not see to often, the make and model of camera that was used as well as focal length and shutter speed.

  • High resolution photographs
  • Very easy to navigate and search for images.
  • When you select an image, it also gives you "related images" which can be helpful when trying to find just the right image or photo for your content.
  • Although not required, it allows you to easily give credit to the photographer by either copying the HTML code into your website or by copying the text which I have done below in the example images.


  • You are required to create an account which means giving them your email address, etc. You can use your Facebook account to create the account, but once they have all of that personal information about you, there are questions as to how that information might be used. Plus, once they have your email address, that is just one more annoying list you now belong to.

Example Images from UnSplash

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

The photo above caught my attention because it calls for a story behind it and does not appear to be photo-shopped.

Photo by Jeffrey Lin on Unsplash

This photo caught my attention because it is a sports action shot which can be hard to capture.

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WindyCityUSA Premium Plus
Thank you for this.
wendyg53 Premium
Are there any terms and conditions on these sites. Sometimes free means you have to link back to the site or credit to the photographer. Great info, thank you!
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks steph. Great information
MKearns Premium
Great picture Steph. Every time I see you active makes my day!:))
Rae-1965 Premium
Thanks Steph, I was really getting tired of the same old pictures. No uniqueness. That's changing I see.