The third website offering really cool free images is Gratisopgraphy.


  • This website has really unique out-of-the-box type of photos. If you are wanting to stand out, this is the place to go and look for that unique out-of-the-ordinary photo or image.
  • Probably has the largest collection of free humorous and creative photos for you to use for your websites.
  • Does not require you to give them your email address or sign up for an account to use their images.


  • Has a very narrow list of categories. There are only 9 categories. They are:
    • Animals - 42 photos
    • Business - 25 photos
    • Nature - 50 photos
    • Fashion - 48 photos
    • Food - 16 Photos
    • People - 164 Photos
    • Objects - 81 Photos
    • Urban - 60 Photos
    • Whimsical - 146 Photos
  • Not a very large collection of images / photos. Only about 800 or so images total. However, Gratisography knows that and states on their website: "We’re not after quantity. In fact, we’re pretty choosy when it comes to the images we publish in our collection. We curate only the most interesting pictures, the ones with a personality, a perspective, a story to tell."

Examples of Some of the Humorous and Out of the Ordinary Images you will find on Gratisography:

A man playing poker with his four dogs?

Goofy-looking man drinking his pineapple cocktail

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WindyCityUSA Premium Plus
Thank you for this.
wendyg53 Premium
Are there any terms and conditions on these sites. Sometimes free means you have to link back to the site or credit to the photographer. Great info, thank you!
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks steph. Great information
MKearns Premium
Great picture Steph. Every time I see you active makes my day!:))
Rae-1965 Premium
Thanks Steph, I was really getting tired of the same old pictures. No uniqueness. That's changing I see.