I feel your pain. I have been here at WA since 2015 and yes, it is exhausting trying to find just the right photo or image for the content you are writing. I am sure I am not alone when after three years, I reached my limit of patience when it comes to the only free images I seem to be able to come across anymore are the cheesy ones where businessmen and women are high-fiving each other or shaking their hands , like the one below:

Or pictures of food as seen here:

You want something that tells a story, that grabs your readers' attention, that makes a statement, that is unique and makes a website visitor stop and take an interest.

After awhile, you begin to see the same photos and images on so many websites too and we at WA, because are concerned about two things when it comes to stock images (1) the quality of images and (2) keeping our costs to a minimum, demand more from the websites that claim they have "the best stock images online". Thus, as of today, August 15, 2018, this resource contains the most up-to-date, in my opinion, of websites that offer amazingly beautiful and high-quality images. Also, I have included a list of pros and cons (if any) of each website, because those are nice to have before you go digging into a new resource.


It’s always best to double check the licensing for each stock photo resource I have outlined in this training. I have done extensive research when putting this list together for all of us WAers, but licensing is subject to change and may differ by photographer. Some may require approval for commercial use, while others may be totally free to download and use. That is why, I have put in today's date, b/c tomorrow, it could be different.

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WindyCityUSA Premium Plus
Thank you for this.
wendyg53 Premium
Are there any terms and conditions on these sites. Sometimes free means you have to link back to the site or credit to the photographer. Great info, thank you!
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks steph. Great information
MKearns Premium
Great picture Steph. Every time I see you active makes my day!:))
Rae-1965 Premium
Thanks Steph, I was really getting tired of the same old pictures. No uniqueness. That's changing I see.