I see questions about how to enable comments on your WordPress Site often within WA. Having checked the available training I find that it isn't easy to find the training for this.

I hope this training answers any questions you have on how to handle comments on Posts and Pages. I have also added a short section on how to reply to comments and how to add links in your comments.

I will leave how to recognize spam comments for others to discuss.

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BarryJ Premium
Thanks. This is a good refresher course, and I, for one, didn't realize I could edit the comment before approving it.
Labman Premium Plus
You can edit it at any time.
dickw Premium
Hey Craig. This is a nice solid piece of training.
RWidman Premium
Good information to know. I was thinking about that on my website.
Mike1942 Premium
Good to know
Ravel Premium
Great training. Everything is well covered!