Hashtags that Increase Likes

Step 9: On 17th February (Day 14), I started adding some of the hashtags I found on Venus Trapped in Mars: Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers that Triple Likes

Some examples of the hashtags Sarah recommends to increase likes:

  • #thatsdarling
  • #thehappynow
  • #pursuepretty
  • #makeyousmilestyle
  • #flashesofdelight
  • #petitejoys
  • #livethelittlethings
  • #livecolorfully
  • #liveauthentic
  • #theblogissue
  • #nothingisordinary
  • #finditliveit
  • #howisummer
  • #howyouglow
  • #prettylittlething
  • #eeeeeats
  • #awwfeed
  • #pawstruck
  • #barkpack
  • #weeklyfluff
  • #buzzfeast
  • #soloverly

I think adding a few of these to each post has increased likes, but I can’t in all honesty say it’s tripled my likes, as I also get lots of likes on posts that don’t include these hashtags.

It has however, made me aware of the impact of hashtags. When I look for the correct hashtag to use for an article I take notice of how many people have used these hashtags. The more people using them, the more Insta traffic you could receive if you use them.

It’s also prompted me to start thinking of my own original hashtags, one’s that no-one has come up with before – as these will then be tracked back to me.

e.g. I always use #inspiringmompreneurs on all my Inspiring Mompreneurs posts.

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wendyg53 Premium
Very cool, and I just followed you on Instagram. :-)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Wendy. Glad you enjoyed. Following you back.
Loes Premium
My phone seems to be too old to be able to connect with Instagram, halfway the sign in the process stops.
Tried to login via FB, same issue
laurenjean Premium
Oh no, Loes. How frustrating. You can login via your pc as well. Adding pictures is a little trickier via pc but its do-able.
Loes Premium
I have tried that, but I had a clear moment, I do have a tablet somewhere at the bottom of my drawer, I dusted it off and my daughter just placed the Instagram app on it and it works! But now I have to figure out how to get my website pictures into my gallery to be able to place more on Instagram. I have seen yours now:) Lovely, and I want to make those pictures on Canva too, to make them a bit more interesting.
So I have some work to do:)
First Canva, then uploading to the tablet and place them on Instagram. Pfewww.

I managed to add one picture to Instagram, using canva and my tablet!
laurenjean Premium
Woohooo! Well done Loes! I'll go check it out now - ooh, stunning pic! Left you a comment.
Gramblr is also a great photo uploader if you want to upload directly from Canva on your PC to Instagram. :)
Loes Premium
Ok! I like that! Uploading directly from Canva, I am such a klutz with mobile devices
DarleneB Premium
What terrific training!!! Thank you. I know so little about Instagram but I need to learn. Thanks to your, easy to understand, tutorial, I'm giving it a try.
laurenjean Premium
Aw, thanks Darlene! So glad you enjoyed it so much and you're inspired to give Instagram a try. :)
WilliamBH Premium
This is a really great training Lauren .. Cheers, William.
laurenjean Premium
Thank you so much, William. Appreciate you stopping by and really glad you found it useful.
XinZhang Premium
Very informative and very detailed! This will be very useful.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Xin. Appreciate the compliment. So glad you found it useful.