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Last Update: Aug 18, 2018

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I've joined WA for 3 weeks and have been procrastinating here and there, slowly building up my niche website. So far, I've only got the 'About Me' and 'Privacy Policy' page up and I'm working on the Keyword post right now which is taking a while because this past week was overwhelmingly busy for me. Hopefully I can finish this post sometime today and have that published and move on with my training!

So last week (if I remember correctly), I moved one of my domains to WA and completely deleted everything that I had on that website. A day or two later, I received an e-mail that it got indexed on Google! I thought, wow this is weird! I don't even have anything on that website and it's been indexed??? I shared it with a couple friends here on WA about that and I was saying how the website I've been working on that actually HAS content isn't even published yet. Isn't it weird? But at the same time it's quite funny.

Last night when I was in bed, I got an e-mail and saw the notification on my phone. Guess what I read at 12 something in the morning? My niche website got indexed on Google! WHAT! Okay, I honestly had to calm myself down so that I could sleep but I was SUPER excited!!! - I was literally jumping on my bed.

Now, that totally motivated me to continue working on my website at a faster pace and NOT procrastinate because what will happen in a few more months??? The more content I put up the more traffic I may gain.

Oh boy, I am so excited and I wanted to share this excitement with you all!

Thanks for everyone who has been helping me out even with all my stupid questions!!! Thank you WA!!!

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Congratulations on having twins. Lol

LOL! Thank you!

It is an amazing feeling isn't it. Congratulations on the indexing.

It is an amazing feeling, loving it! Haha =)

Well done.
It's a great start. We are looking to hear your next success stories Teresa. All the best.


Thank you so much Joe!

My pleasure. :)

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