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Last Update: Aug 20, 2018

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This is getting real! Since my first niche website has been indexed on Google, I have decided to put in some money to get my first signature created. It's partly photography related so I went from my own custom newbie signature to now, a more professional signature.

Now that I've got a website up and running (obviously still need to put up contents), it's time that I change things up a bit with my photography. Although it's just a hobby of mine, I do hope that I can improve on my photography skills. Maybe through that, I can one day start a travel blog.

I can't wait to start adding my new signature to my photos now!!! I will be changing my Instagram username soon once I have everything ready! I'm so excited for this new journey to officially start!

Let me know what you think!

Recent Comments


Wow- that is so great

Thank you! =D

Very professional looking

Thank you! =)

Wow great post! I hope to stay up to date once you get your Instagram going. Can you check out my new website and send me your link so I can view yours too. Thanks in advance.

Thank you!

I have my Instagram going already, I just need to change the username. Check it out if you have time and follow me @SnappidySnap - once I change usernames I will put up a post and an IG story. =) Once I have the new username up, I will post up my website link! =D Can't wait!

I just checked your website, I like it! Would be cool to build a studio but I'm not doing any music/podcast stuff, bummer.

Nice Signature. You are progressing well, Teresa :).


Thank you Christine! =D

That's so cool!
Congratulations. Things are looking better and better :)

See you at the top!

Thank you!

Nice, I really find it useful for my photos and photo studio business,

Thank you Mary! It definitely is useful even though I'm not a professional photographer, lol!

great work...well done keep up the good work

Thank you Marcus!

Congrats Teresa.

Thank you! =D

congratulations! great work Teresa :)

Thank you so much! =D

Very nice.

Thank you! =) I actually e-mailed the company back for a revision so hopefully the new signature looks even better!

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