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Last Update: Oct 13, 2018

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I was checking my e-mail this morning and found out that my second post got indexed on Google!

What's funny is every time I feel like I'm procrastinating and dragging a post I'm currently writing, something gets indexed. This is such motivation to just keep at it and finish up my current post!

Just knowing that something is getting indexed is very encouraging and it's a confirmation for myself that I could get even more out of this if I put in twice as much time.

I'm super excited though! Unfortunately, I don't have much traffic to my website yet but I am working from the bottom up so hopefully by December, I would have more contents posted and have more traffic!

Looks like this post came before my "end of lesson 2" blog post on WA!

Anyone else procrastinating and get that kick when a content is indexed?

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Hi Teresa,

You're doing great. Lose the procrastination though.

Best regards

Thanks Maxine!

Latest update is... I've gotten back to work and have been able to stay somewhat more focused than before. Although I have not gone back to working on my website or creating content, I have started off with going back to my social media and build an audience there.

It's going slow but steady and I've made a couple of new friends which is also a good start I would say because I'm able to build that trust. Once I'm all good and setup with social media, I will get back to working on my website and creating content again.

I can't wait to see what's in store in the near future =)


You're doing it better than me, teach me how to get Google to index my posts! They seem to index some but not all, yet Bing and Yahoo index my stuff overnight and sometimes instantly put it Page 1. Doesn't make sense. Great job! I love your success.

Google has stopped indexing my posts.. at least, my last 2 posts which kinda killed my motivation to write anymore. I'm currently slowly working my way back up again starting from a new logo and building traffic on my social media. Hopefully that'll help bring traffic to my blog and give me a kick in writing more content =)

I'm sure you can do it too! I guess just keep working on your posts, whether it gets indexed or not, you'll always have people reading your articles - that's what matters at this point!

Hi Teresa,

How's the new year going for you?

Have you had more posts indexed lately? I hope so.

Hi Danette,

Umm.. I was going to say unfortunately not but I just checked out your training and typed in my site name on Google. I do have posts listed that's not marked as indexed on WA plus a post that hasn't been indexed.

I was actually feeling discouraged that a couple of posts weren't getting indexed. I mean, I didn't get the e-mails saying they were and it doesn't show on WA that it has been indexed so I don't know.

I guess because they weren't being indexed, I lost motivation... I should really try and get back to it though...

Yes, I hope you do get more motivation to get back to it -- it will really be worth it, a step at a time! I know it seems like we're plodding slowly along sometimes, but we are building and we are moving forward!

Thanks Danette =) Lol I guess I can get back to it and just work at my pace; slowly and steadily before picking up the pace!

:) Teresa.
I hope you don't use the incident as a precedence to continue procrastinating (joke). I think it's something to tell you to push harder and get more of your posts get indexed and ranked.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you!

Congrats Teresa!

Well done! Keep up the good work!

Thank you! =)

Published my third post last week and working on my 4th! Hopefully I can have it published by this weekend and not wait 3 weeks like the previous posts!

Congratulations and well done

Keep up the good work


Thank you Jennifer! =)

You are most welcome

So do I, keep on writing content to you niche.

Great! I guess having posts indexed will keep us motivated! Woohoo!

I feel the same way when I get an article indexed as well!! It just does something for me.

Same as you I don't have much traffic right now but getting indexed is one of the first steps so we are definetly going in the right direction.

Keep working it! Let's see how far we can take this :)


Thanks Stacie! Wow, it never crossed my mind that I was going in the right direction but now that you mention it... heck yes! Haha! We sure are heading the right direction! Woohoo!

Keep up the great content writing and more great things will happen
All the best

Thanks Vicki! If only I had more time in a day to work on my website and get more done, lol!

Hi Teresa
Every Sunday I write my plan for the week ahead and I also do daily =tasks and tick them off as I achieve them
Just a thought you may want to consider

It does help, I just really need to stick to the plan. That's the hard part at the moment. I'll give it a try though, hopefully I can stay motivated and stick to the plan =)

You can and you will - Plans and tasks = success - You have got this :)

Haha! Thank you! Wow, you have more faith in me than I have faith in myself lol!

I have faith in you alright as I know you want this otherwise you wouldn't be here :)))

True true =) Well, what you said was a motivation. I just completed writing my post, yay! Time to edit and add some images!

Gosh, I love this community! =D

Wehooo Awesome work Teresa- See I told you, you can do this
Keep on going and see the great things happen for you :))))
Made my day- I'm off now to do the same
Have fun

Keep it up

I sure will! =)

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