My New Site Started Ranking after 10 Months

Last Update: January 28, 2019

Hi my WA friends,

I wanted to let all of you know that my new site is finally ranking after 10 months.

I am so happy it finally happened and never thought the day would come.

Each and every day I would check to see if it would appear on the search engines. Google had me in the (Google Sandbox) for a long time.

Read this post to find out how long it could take to rank in Google.

I suspect that Google is being tougher on new websites because of all the scams going around.

Hang in there, Google rewards Quality Websites

If you're a newbie and your website is not ranking, don't quit. I know it's tempting to throw in the towel and say "This is not for me".

But the good news is that Google is looking for not only quality content, but rare niches and helpful content.

If you're not sure about what niche to choose, take a look at my training to get some ideas.

My recommendations are to build one website on these two factors; knowledge and passion.

If you know what you're talking about, it's easier to write content.

However, in order to push through the hard days you need passion and love for what you do.

What to do while waiting to rank on Google

Waiting to rank is the perfect time to catch up on your training and to learn how to manage your online business.

Here in WA you will find tons of training courses and advice from different members. Take time to complete the WA training entirely.

Watch live videos with our very own WA affiliate guru Jay from magi studios.

The most important thing is to gain knowledge about affiliate marketing while waiting to rank on Google.

Don't stop working on your website

Sometimes I got lazy and said "who cares, I'm not ranking anyways". But Google is actually paying attention to what's going on.

Let Google know that you're interested in ranking by updating posts, SEO data, spelling and grammar.

Pro tip: Don't add more than 35 posts to your website. Google didn't publish more than that on my site.

Publishing more content may not be a good idea because the content could be copied by hackers. However, you can continue writing content but not publishing it.

The following is a list of things you can do to send positive signals to Google:

  • Update posts
  • Add SEO information
  • Update images
  • Fetch your URL's with Google Console
  • Update XML maps on Google Console
  • Add internal and external links to posts

Here, take a look at Jays SEO blueprint. studios/blog/jays-serp-r...

Time flies when you're having fun

If you follow all these steps, starting from training all the way to updating your site, time will fly by.

If you have more experience and understand how most things work, you could create another website to keep you busy.

But if you're new, I always recommend starting with one and mastering it before creating another site.

Most of all, have fun learning how to manage a website while your website is in the Google sand box.

Is your website in the Google sand box? What are you doing to motivate yourself, let us know.

Kind regards,


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Fleeky Premium Plus
Thnks a lot
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Fleeky,
I'm glad I can help. Let me know if you need anything else.
Have a great day.;0)
Fleeky Premium Plus
Have a great day!
sminman7 Premium
Way to go Tony! A great post and reminder to be patient, keep learning, fine tune your site, I also believe in passion!
Michael Inman
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Michael,
I think that passion is very helpful and keeps us motivated. Just think that in a few years, you will have an established business.
Thanks for your kind comments.;0)
SondraM Premium
Congratulations Tony!

I try to feed myself a little motivation almost every single day by reading 2 or 3 posts like this one.

I loved your remark about finding the "rare niches." Very true statement. People that stumble upon those seem to have success even faster because they are meeting an unmet need.
TonyMonzon Premium
hi SondraM,
Yes, Google is really picky about which articles to index. If you got something rare and valuable, it gets indexed super fast.
Thanks for stopping by.;0)
Alex 1959 Premium
Awesome post Tony full of outstanding value. I will be bookmarking this one!
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Alex,
I'm glad it helped you out.
Have a great day.;0)