What's Your Why?

Last Update: May 13, 2022

The Most Powerful Motivator is Your Why!

What's Your Why?

When You're thinking about quitting, think about Why You Got Started!

Your Why is the Most Important Thing!

What's Your Why?

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TonyHamilton Premium Plus Featured Comment
My Why?

I have been earning an income online since 2009 and have been assisting friends earn online as well. Contact me anytime.

My vision is to by December 31st 2023 to open a Christian Family campground and sports complex. It will have a large pond or small lake for fishing (no gas motors) Archery, Baseball & softball fields, soccer, football fields, basketball courts, tents only campsites & anything else that we can imagine. No gas motors will be allowed past the parking area at the clubhouse.

Being able to work 100% online is indeed a very wonderful way to earn, it does take time and effort & is completely worth it!

Get paid for your efforts!
LaraCro Premium Plus
Hey :) That's nice, Tony! :) I hope you do!
bjdluna Premium Plus
That sounds great! You have done really well online!

jghwebbrand Premium
That's a great way to support families.

We wish you well in your endeavor.
Isaiah14 Premium
Will there be any food courts at this campground, Tony? I'll need something to replenish and quench my thirst after playing on your football and baseball fields.

Wishing you success with your "why"!

Isaiah 😊
YMerritt Premium
Hi Tony. My desire is to work online also, but I come from a family that thinks getting your retirement from a company or federal job is the only way to go. When I discuss working online, I get strange looks and really no support. They think that making money online is for people who started out in the IT field. I have my website and will be linking up the payment part this week. My 'WHY' is to teach online. Thank you for your informative posts, they give us inspiration. Yolanda
ZachK Premium
Hey Tony, I love your why!

Mine is so my whole family (which is really big) can live a life that is totally financially free!

And last but not least, so I can help the poor whoever they are and wherever they might be!!!

Have a blessed day :)

Zach "The Prosperous View"
FKelso Premium Plus
My "why" was to learn about the internet. I wanted to make money, but more important to me is promoting my writing and getting it in front of a large audience. Still working on that.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Initially, it was to make money.

Lately, it has morphed into having something to do to keep my mind active along with making money.