Monetize your website!

Last Update: May 12, 2016

Monetize your website!

You can increase website traffic all that you want but if there isn't anything on your site that a person can click on to buy then how are you going to make any money?

Lately I have had more than a few Friends private message me saying that they haven't made any money at all and would I look at their site.

After looking at their site I see that there are in most case little or no clickable pictures, links or banners anywhere on their site.

Their content looks good and they say that they are getting traffic but making no money.

The good news is that since they have great content and have increased their website traffic monetizing shouldn't be a problem.

Add a banner, call to action or at least an email opt in and you should be able to start generating some income.

If you have increase your website traffic and have great content but don't monetize then you are absolutely sure to never earn any money.

Monetize your website!

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JudeP Premium
Cheers Tony :)
LMadhla Premium
Hie Tony...It seems I also qualify into the category of the people you are referring to.Can you please visit my website and help me with what I can do to improve......and I am having problems putting in WA links so that I can get referrals.I would be glad to hear from you.Thanks for the encouragement too
theresroth Premium
Thanks, Tony!
You mean: get my a☆☆☆ moving with the lessons, so I finally get to that part!☺☺☺
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Tony - I have a very simple shopping basket and accept PayPal and it all works fine but sales are very slow last month and also this month so I am thinking what to do as well I have 49 to 50 views a day
But no new buyers but I am still smiling !!!
Juliusrocks Premium
Thanks Tony, for this blog post. I am trying to do this with my website. Also, I need to add more content on it.