High Ticket Commissions $1,000 for 1 sale!

Last Update: October 15, 2019

High Commission Sales are so exhilarating!

Don't take this the wrong way, I also love small commissions too.

It's just that when the High Ticket Commissions start rolling in, it can be life changing.

Not only do I love getting emails like the ones below, I also get excited when friends receive them as well.

Do you remember getting your 1st email stating that you earned a commission?

The email that I received below arrived while I was on vacation watching my son graduate from Basic Training over 700 miles from home.

Such a wonderful feeling to earn money from past efforts, passive & residual income rocks!

Share your stories about commissions received while enjoying life below, it's all about freedom as that's much more important than the revenue!

Thank you Friends,


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KBMedia Premium
Great post Tony!! My first was in 2000 if you can believe that!!🤑
rubanzema Premium
Long-time Tonny; hope you are doing well in the queen's country.
Bimby Premium
JohnFricker Premium
Great to see - congratulations!!