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Last Update: Dec 9, 2017


Have you been rejected by Amazon?

Have you thought of being an eBay Affiliate as an Amazon alternative?

eBay Partner Network is eBay's internal affiliate program. They supply publishers with resources to monetize their sites, social pages, mobile apps and other online homes by driving top quality traffic to eBay.

eBay Partner Network's Competitive Advantage

By signing up with eBay Partner Network, you'll partner with eBay, among the world's biggest online brand names. Affiliates around the world view the eBay Partner Network as one of the most appealing affiliate programs readily available since of our unequaled variety of stock, worldwide brand name acknowledgment and high conversion rates.

Why should you think about joining the eBay Partner Network?

  • Competitive revenues capacity based upon category-level commissions
  • 200% recommendation benefit for brand-new or reactivated purchasers
  • Seasonal and category-specific benefits and promos
  • Access to among the biggest online markets
  • International reach with 13 eBay websites covering a range of languages and locations
  • Various purchasing choices consisting of auctions, "Buy It Now" and Daily Deals
  • Access to fundamental and innovative tools that deal with any online residential or commercial property
  • Devoted assistance and interaction channels
  • Go to eBay Partner Network to see even more advantages

Actions to Get Started

You have the flexibility to pick the tools that work best with your technical understanding, your website's feel and look, and your objectives. You likewise have the capability to select the material that will attract your audience, by promoting particular products or classifications that will resonate with your visitors' interests.

Your initial step is to use to join their affiliate program and it takes less than 5 minutes. They motivate anybody who has an interest in ending up being an eBay affiliate to use, and they do not need exclusivity so you're complementary to promote eBay Partner Network along with other affiliate programs.

After you're accepted into eBay's affiliate program, you'll get access to their Publisher Portal, that includes banners, buttons, text links, their API and other tools you can contribute to your site or social page. Beginning can be as easy as copying and pasting code from their text link wizard to your website, or as advanced as utilizing our API to produce more personalized options.

Begin Earning Money for Referring Buyers

As you drive traffic to an eBay website and your referred buyers wind up with a Winning Bid or utilize the Buy It Now and make a purchase, you'll make a portion of eBay's profits. The more profits your traffic produces for eBay, the more cash you'll make.

Their rates is based upon commission rates that vary from 40% to 80%, based upon the classification of the product offered. You can make much more with a 200% perk by driving brand-new and reactivated eBay purchasers to buy.

There are 3 actions to making as an eBay Affiliate:

  • Find:

You understand exactly what individuals like whether you're an individual with a popular Twitter feed, a blog writer with a growing following or an owner of an effective site.

eBay has 1.1 billion listings, so you can use your audience connect to the important things they enjoy in style, electronic devices, antiques, house products and more.

The most significant and finest brand names.

You'll discover fantastic brand names and sellers on eBay using a large selection of items.

There's a lot of options available.

  • Share

They have a range of listing tools, from easy link generators that let you include a couple of option products to your website to high-volume item feeds that open your audience to a wealth of appropriate items.

They've made it truly simple to share the listings you like with your audience.

Know exactly what's working for you.

You'll get insights from easy-to-understand reports and analytics tailored towards determining and enhancing efficiency.

Get the effective tools you require.

  • Earn Money:

It feels great to share fantastic eBay products. It feels even much better to obtain payment when they accept your offer and make a purchase or win an auction.

Exactly what do I make money?

Partners make in between 50% - 70% of eBay profits. The portion you make depends upon the classification of product bought - such as electronic devices or style. You can make extra money for buyers who have not purchased on eBay in the previous 12 months.

You'll make a portion of eBay's profits whenever you send out somebody to eBay and they buy within 24-hours even if auctions use up to 10 days to end.

When do I earn money?

Making money is simple and simple with the eBay Partner Network. You'll be paid on a monthly basis if you have actually reached the minimum required for payment ($ 10). Keep in mind: if you are paid by means of Direct Deposit, it might take your bank a couple of days to confirm that the money is in your account.

They track purchases and publish your revenues the day after the sale took place. You can see your revenues per click (EPC) on your control panel.

You can opt to get your regular monthly payments by means of direct deposit or PayPal. They keep it easy and transparent by dealing with all tracking and reporting, and you can see your traffic and profits information within their Publisher Portal at any time.

Develop a Partnership Based on Continuous Improvement

eBay views their affiliates as real service partners, and they are continuously enhancing their analysis tools, items and settlement to guarantee that their program is as easy to use and Return on investment of time is as favorable as possible for their partners.

Their most effective partners continuously concentrate on developing an excellent total user experience, utilizing eBay listings to boost currently appropriate website material. The reports and analytics in their Publisher Portal will assist you to determine, test, evaluate and enhance your efforts as you move on.

They're excited to deal with you as a partner and not as difficult to deal with as the Amazon alternative!

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This is really good. Thanks so much:)

You are welcome Chizoba and thank you my Friend :)


Normally if your site meet the Amazon creterias this should be a problem for being accepted. If you bring traffic to your site and made at least 3 qualified sales within 6 month then you will be good to go. Chances are you will probably made a couples sales within 3 months

Thank you for sharing Marc, Yes my Friend I agree.

Some prefer Amazon and some prefer eBay:)

It's nice to have both,


I signed up with eBay a few months back but I couldn’t the link to work. I’ll have to go back and try again. Thanks, Tony.

You are welcome Grant and thank you my Friend.


If you had a choice Amazon or eBay ...either one which one would you chose?

That is a great question Thomas,

I would most likely choose Amazon but Friends who don't get a sale within 6 months lose their Amazon Affiliation.

I actually don't use either one of them too much as I concentrate mainly on the help Friends earn inline Niche.


Tony...what do you mean you concentrate help friends earn
inline Niche. You don't use affitiate programs or affiliate networks?

Sure I use them Thomas,

I do however believe in multiple streams of income my Friend.


Thanks for the idea, Tony:). I think I'll check into it!

You are welcome Suzi,

thank you and Blessings to you as well my Friend :)


Awww, thank you! I am definitely blessed to still be here!

Interesting topic. I just read an article that says Ebay could be in trouble because of marketplace on Facebook, what are your thoughts there?

Thank you for your input Jared, I had not heard about that yet and will now take a look.


Oh boy, I will be watching for the 20,000 word post on it ;)

I say that with all due love and respect. I think your posts are absolutely awesome.

Each affiliate platform has a different flavor Find the best one for you!

Yes Sir Michael, I do agree my Friend and I utilize both :)


Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome Roger and thank you my Friend.


This looks like a great alternative. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I've bookmarked this for future reference.

You are welcome anytime Gail and thank you my Friend,


That seems to be a great commercial for Ebay. I'm sure that some people don't have the same bad taste in their mouth as I do about Ebay.

Yes Craig,

I do understand where you are coming from my Friend.

Many who used to make a living on eBay, no longer do and I blame the fact that the Big Boys got involved as well as the Drop Shippers etc....

I just wanted to let Friends here know that there is an Alternative to Amazon :)

Thank you Craig for stopping by, reading and commenting my Friend,


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