Craft fair.

Last Update: June 18, 2016

Today I went to my first craft fair,there was not a huge influx of people but rather an enough to get at least a few sales.My niece and I sat at the same table,she bakes and she made 2 huge raspberry ruffle cheesecakes and apple crumbles,she managed to sell about 6 or 7 and one of her cheesecakes so she made around £30.00,I also made 30 pounds by selling some cards,one lady bought 5 and another bought 4,with the other folk buying ones or twos.I suppose it was ok for a few hours sitting doing nothing,we hope to get to a lot more craft fairs in the future.

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MPollock Premium
Great job, glad it worked for you.
LizPB Premium
Cool! Hope you enjoyed it! And that the weather was nice ;-)
sSchovajsa Premium
Good job. Glad you had a good day!
JudeP Premium
Sounds like a good day :)
Internetgranny Premium
Was just thinking of you and wondering how you had got on, and when I looked at my emails I saw that there was a report from you.

I don't know how many different kinds of cards you had for sale, but it might be a good idea to make more of the kind that sold well, if that's possible to tell. Clearly those were well liked.

And Murray is through to the final...

Sending you lots of good wishes, Isabella
tomtitty006 Premium
Thanks for replying Isabella.I understand what you say about the cards but the thing with the general public,everyone has different tastes,its not really that one genre sold better than the others because I opened about 8 cards and put them on the table,and the others I had in a basket and a box and the people just looked through them..
Glad for Murray that he got through,although I am not a huge fan.