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January 09, 2017
My payment has not went through for this month,it won,t go through to the end of the month I believe.I am not sure I can do any work when there is a red barrier across the top,does anyone know the answer to that question.This is the first time I have had a red notice about payment showing on the screen and I have been here two plus years.If it comes to the bit and I have no access to materials I will have to wait until payment clears.Typical when I do want to work,I simply cannot.
January 05, 2017
I have not written here in quite a while now.I don,t want to know peoples personal business but I am curious to know that if people are making money here.I know it is more than possible to make money from here but I was wondering who would post the length of time that one has been here and whether they are making some kind of income.I have to get stuck in this year and beware of distractions,like playing games.I have a new dog now and she is a black lab - pointer cross,she gets 2 and half to th
November 30, 2016
This year at W.A for me was pretty much non - existent.In other words I have not did that much to better myself,however I vow to make next year a lot better,because should I make money or not I am going to learn all the modules.At least this way I can learn a new language and it will give me a goal for most days.This system has made many people wealthy,hence the title,but you have got to put the work into it.Like anything one takes on the more you put into it the more you will get out of it,tak
November 27, 2016
Hello Guys.It has been quite a while since I have written anything here,I am sure it goes back to May or June,or maybe even before that.I suppose I got into a stream of not typing anything and certainly not doing anything to my site,however I cannot really justify why my presence was not around.Just been busy walking the dog,colouring in and making cards but on a much sadder note I must let you all know that I lost Duke about a week ago.We were in our usual spot where we walked to most nights,t
June 27, 2016
I am not the best at concentrating,my mind just wanders too much and the depression and mental illness does not help.This is why my rank has not moved in quite a while and why I do very little here,however what I think will help me get my mind more geared and motivated is reading for pleasure.I seen the time when I read books and I enjoyed them,so I began reading one yesterday,I figured if one is in the reading zone then it is much easier follow and understand the programs here;it certainly wil
June 23, 2016
The problem I had yesterday getting no sessions seems to be corrected now.After posting the analytics code into the head section and removing it from the SEO section,it seems to have done the trick.I have no warning of blues or red lights at the top right corner now,sessions are at 38,at least that is corrected now so I should get hits.I will just have to watch this carefully now.
June 23, 2016
Anybody that know,s anything about me here would probably say I am quite open.With that said I was wanting a little advice,maybe some of you guys has been in a similar situation,before anybody gets on the high horse and tells me that this is really not the place to air your personal life,it is a bit of advice I am after.I don,t see that I am doing anything wrong.My story is I was asked to play the piano at a school concert,my old primary school.Although the teacher Mr Irwin is a pretty good pia
June 22, 2016
I know I have not been on here a lot recently but having a change of heart decided to work more.With closer inspection on checking my analytics I found that from the 4th of June my art site has been getting no hits,so I have been getting no sessions,which just goes to show one that you need to be on top of these issues.I had this happen before on another site in the past and found it was something to do with the analytics code not being installed,I will go and check this out now and if any body
June 18, 2016
Today I went to my first craft fair,there was not a huge influx of people but rather an enough to get at least a few sales.My niece and I sat at the same table,she bakes and she made 2 huge raspberry ruffle cheesecakes and apple crumbles,she managed to sell about 6 or 7 and one of her cheesecakes so she made around £30.00,I also made 30 pounds by selling some cards,one lady bought 5 and another bought 4,with the other folk buying ones or twos.I suppose it was ok for a few hours sitting d
As my last message reported that I have a craft fair on Saturday and as I am awaiting more materials,my priority today will be getting them made.We had a practice for our school concert today,and it was the first time I heard most of the performances off the children,then at 1.00 0,clock there sports day was taking place.I have three nephews and one niece who attend the primary school,and so there was granny and auntie uncles watching them compete,I stayed for about a half an hour as it got qui