Strive or not to strive?

Last Update: September 22, 2015

Inevitable in any new venture there are dreams of success as there should be. But the tendency I find myself falling into is striving to make it happen. Now there are those that may have different experience than myself, but I have been finding that the strive approach just aint working for me any more. When I think of striving, I see visions of Rambo fighting his way through the many obstacles to reach base.

Maybe it's my age, but I really feel the better approach for me is to flow and even more importantly is to have fun. So although I have focus on my material success enjoying the journey is my top priority and call me foolish but I really believe that enjoying the journey will surely bring me the success I seek (and if it doesn't, who cares, I enjoyed the journey)!

So to all of you I wish a pleasant enjoyable journey toward the success you seek!

A blind guy goes in to a store and starts swinging his dog around above his head, a worker runs up and says "sir, can I help you?!" The blind guy says "no, just looking around."

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RonAlderman Premium
Nice post. Enjoy that journey!
UKMerchant Premium
Ive always done better by being cool and calm not hot and frustrated, so cool it is for me. And anyway, lessons are learned and memories are created along the journey.
anderscj Premium
This is my view as well Tom. I have really enjoyed the journey so far. I love starting new website and doing some initial pages and posts to see where the 'subject/niche' is going to take me.

Just getting a small thing done like publish a post feels fabulous and uplifting.
Stephanie33 Premium
Hi Tom,
No to striving! Keep a high vibration."Mirth" if you can reach it. I'm absolutely convinced that's the only way to create ones successes.
Poor dog....funny joke though.
steviedean Premium
always focus on the process and not the product my friend :)

PS I hope the dog is OK tee hee
TomJacobs Premium
good advice ~ the dog survived!
steviedean Premium
thank's VERY good to know that no animals were harmed in the making of this post