Affiliate Making Money Program - Nothing Without Great Training!

Last Update: December 09, 2014

So, you want to start your own business with an affiliate making money program? Or as we call it at Wealthy Affiliate - affiliate marketing.

Great decision! Thousands of people are starting everyday.

I started a year and a half ago. But guess what? I started with the WRONG program. I learned some (mostly what not to do) but more importantly I wasted valuable time. Don't be like me and get off on the wrong foot right off the bat.

Start and stick with a great program.

Wealthy Affiliate

Now that I have addressed those searching for an online marketing home, I would like to dedicate the rest of this blog to those of us that have made the best business decision by going premium here at Wealthy Affiliate.

As a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, we get access to everything available from the owners of the program, Kyle and Carson. There is no upselling here.

That being said, we also have another benefit that I just recently started to take advantage of myself - the weekly live (available on replay) training videos by Jay. Another mistake of mine, I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for months and had not taken advantage of this great asset.

Don't be like me, new premium members!

There is such great training available to us from Kyle in Get Started Here and Affiliate Bootcamp that I put off the weekly training. Actually, I thought what Jay talked about would be over my head. Not true. Jay is a great teacher.

Jay covers the weekly topic slowly and with excellent illustrations. Don't miss out on this training thinking (like I did) that you are not ready for it. You are.

Don't have time for the live training. No problem. Catch the replay. Either way the insight you will gain is invaluable.

The picture above says it all, you may want the fast life but your brain moves slower. You need to train (get it TRAIN, lol!) your brain for the life you want.

Like I said in the title of this blog: Affiliate Marketing is nothing without great training.

The business is too complicated to take full advantage of without training that is slow, at the right level (beginner to advanced), and encourages with action steps along the way.

The best of the best is found here at Wealthy Affiliate.


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Sui_generis Premium
Jay's trainings are awesome. Kyle IS a great trainer. He takes us through all the necessary steps whereas Jay hones in on topics. Both are so very worth the time spent.
todaymatters Premium
I found that out first hand. Wow, there is so much information at WA and presented in such great form it is unbelievable. The other program I was doing that promoted itself as the best training system out there left me in a constant state of confusion. We are so very fortunate to have found WA.
Christabelle Premium
Good article Rayma!:)
todaymatters Premium
Thank you.
Loes Premium
Thanks Rayma, I skipped all of Jay's trainings, when they are on it is in the middle of the night, and so far I haven't took the time to see them later, perhaps I should:)
dhayman Premium
Great pep talk Rayma. Thanks!
todaymatters Premium
Thanks, Doug and Debbie. Never hurts to have those reminders.
tommo1968 Premium
Hey exactly right, I have been here for a few years now and still making mistakes. Everyone has different amounts of time to devote to their online business. Those who can do more will progress quicker but necessarily correctly.

There is a lot to try and see, split testing is required and what works for some niches may not work for yours. My advice is keep doing something everyday, every step forward is a step closer to success.
todaymatters Premium
Great comment. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.