Done it! Cert 2, and earned the award!

Last Update: March 04, 2018

OK, all the tasks done for Course 2. Answering questions was a little tricky, since I didn't notice the difference between 'Friends' and 'All' at the top, so all I was seeing was questions from my network, and all of them were completed! Little difficult helping someone who is busy helping others!

But, once I got started I couldn't stop! The task asked us to help one unanswered question and before I could stop myself, I had done 3! It's fun, and it really feels good, to be able to give back some of the support that everyone has been giving me all this time!

Thanks, everyone, for the help, and....


(Hope that doesn't sound too much like Superman!)


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Melissa901 Premium
I am glad you had the opportunity to help some people out it is a great feeling you have been able to point someone in the right direction
DEversley Premium
Hey, Tim!
That's great news!
Congratulations, keep moving forward!
billy947 Premium
Congrats Tim;
Just keep plugging.
GaryHorton Premium
That's great! Congrats! It does kind of get addicting, in a good way.
HowardJaros Premium
Congrats Tim! Press on . . .