My first sale!

Last Update: Dec 11, 2015


I got my first sale on Amazon through one of my sites! It's not much but I'm still really excited because it's a start. It shows me I'm getting some traffic and people are reading my posts. Hopefully more will follow soon!

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Congratulations, you're on the right track

Thank you, hope so!

Congrats and here's to many more sales.

thank you and yes! Hoping for many more!

Amazing! Congrats!!

Thank you!

great job and LOVE to hear these thing because one day it will be me as well@!!!

Thank you. It took about two months of hard work lol

It has now been two months for me as well but my site views have fallen from when I first started and I cannot understand why -

Well done. Keep up the good work.

Thank you and I def will!

Good luck ..

thank you LizP

The first one is always cool. Good job.

It is, I feel like having a party. Got to keep working at it though. Thank you

Well done! I can't wait to get up and running and that to happen, it's the start of the beginning for you :-)

Yes! Thanks so exciting!

That's wonderful ToastyMarsh. Very motivating, thanks for sharing.

Thank you brad123! It was def motivation for me to keep at it.

Awesome! Congrats on the sale...the sale number isn't important. It's the consistency that'll make your goals a reality. Great work.

Yes, hoping to get more! Thanks

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