Certification Course 3.Ready for 4

Last Update: October 07, 2017

Can't believe I have completed Course 2 and 3 today. Thank you all for your prayers for me getting me out of my "rut" the past two weeks. I've been moving right along and didn't realize I have traveled this far today. I had already been part of the way through #2 so it was easy to complete, but now #3!! Baby steps are turning into Toddler Tango!

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Swangirl Premium
Good for you Tammy!
JohnProbert1 Premium
Good on you. Working full time coming home tired,I too hope to reach where you, should also tell you "I will"
TammiP Premium
Congrats Girlie!!! See, you are coming out of your rut!!! Maybe you can motivate me back into the training. I have been really lax in that area lately. Just busy.

MKearns Premium
A great way to pickup momentum Tammy. I'm resuming the process as well!
ShuiHyen Premium
Take a step at a time will leads you to success:)