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October 11, 2017
Guess you are wondering what I mean by the title?Well, within the two months I have been with WA I have learned so much you think you were in a whirlwind with all the information, but the training has been great and well laid out to follow with ease. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c...What I have accomplished:My progress thus farRecently I have completed Certification Courses Level 2 and 3 and soon Level 4Also completed Phase 1 of Affiliate BootcampMy websites that I have createdwww.affordablecre
October 08, 2017
"Don't you find it morbid to have a website on cremation, urns, and keepsakes?" I get asked this question all the time.Simple...we all have to die and it is happening much faster these days, it seems.ExperienceWith my personal experience over the past four years I have found it much more economical and less stressful on the family and friends to just perform a cremation; then, if you want a private memorial service there is not so much involved in planning. After two burials and two cremations
Can't believe I have completed Course 2 and 3 today. Thank you all for your prayers for me getting me out of my "rut" the past two weeks. I've been moving right along and didn't realize I have traveled this far today. I had already been part of the way through #2 so it was easy to complete, but now #3!! Baby steps are turning into Toddler Tango!
So, after all the frustration over the past couple weeks I decided to come and do a little more in WA. I have just completed CC 2, starting on #3, while I am able. The past two weeks have been a trying time for me, a lot of feelings surfaced and demons faced, even a couple of thoughts of suicide crossed my mind. I'm so frustrated that the doctors are not able to tell me anything new over the past year except now a new diagnosis of complex migraines. It's my favorite time of year and I am unable
September 26, 2017
Not sure what today was about but I was lazy. I didn't want to turn on my computer, kindle, or phone. Basically just watched TV and slept most of the time, taking care of furbabies too!When I first woke early this morning it was to a strange sound outside my window. I rolled over and had to get my phone to capture this image: 10 turkeys!!I'm used to deer, skunks, opossum, raccoon, etc...not turkeys. They were cute though!So after that excitement I checked out my emails and WA. Not really being
September 25, 2017
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for my furbaby, Pepe~He was able to see the vet today and found that he has what they call Canine Staph Dermatitis. Not contagious but I'm sure it has to hurt. He has 2x a day antibiotics x5 days. Apparently, with his allergies he scratched so hard in that area with "dirty" paws/nails it got infected. I was relieved to hear this and not a snake bite or something! So please say prayers for speedy recovery~ I'm not really going into much tonight, giv
September 24, 2017
I kept contemplating whether to write a blog tonight or not as the day was just "idle" in a way. First off, I listened to 3 workshops via the Hay House World Psychic Summit - took 2 cups of coffee through this as I didn't want system overload, but I survived! Actually, once I processed the information I felt much lighter. This will be in a blog for another website soon. Once that was finished I got productive with laundry and cleaning the energies!!Basically, my evening was spent next to my fur
September 23, 2017
Well...I woke up for starters!!! After getting my coffee and sitting at the computer going through emails, I looked at my WA account and had ANOTHER shock--Top 100!! My rank climbed to 92!! Wow!!!My tribe is having our fall gathering in Tennessee but I'm missing it again. From their pictures being posted on Facebook they are having a great time! Beautiful scenery.Later got the trash and recycling together and took to the drop-off site. Came home and fixed a nice salad for dinner. I got a clean
September 22, 2017
Well, at 4:02pm EST it was officially Fall Season. I love this time of year when the weather turns cooler, the trees are putting on their show of the foliage changing colors, the decorations come out of hiding, and the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice swirl in the air! Ah, can't wait to start baking again-that's my favorite go-to when the weather gets cooler. Now all the fall festivals will start up, train rides through the mountains, the pumpkin patches open, hay rides will be in f
September 21, 2017
First I want to thank you all for the encouraging words you left me on my blog from yesterday. It's great to know there is so much support in the WA community! I do feel a little better today. Didn't get to do the long walk I wanted but did walk and sat out under a tree for a bit, while my furbabies played around me. Maybe they were happy to see me with some weight off my shoulders and feeling a bit lighter. I still have a ways to go but I'm getting steps!I did nothing with the Mel