What clears your mind and gives it room to focus?

Last Update: October 01, 2014

I go for a morning run about 5 days a week. It's great for waking me up, especially with the air being more crisp, and it also helps me clear my mind. I don't listen to music when I run outside because nature really keeps my mind busy. I get lost in the beautiful colors of it, whether it be lush and green, or fading and yellow. It helps to clear my mind.

Whilst running all my worries are gone. I rarely think too much of that days responsibilities, or things I need to do, but get lost in my own thoughts and ideas. I'm currently writing a book, one that is coming along better than I could have hoped. Running often has my mind not only leading to that book and ideas for it, but to future ideas as well. I have a picturesque mind and running helps me to focus on those pictures going through my head.

I was happy with today's run. I am working on a site and just couldn't seem to establish how I wanted it set up. It was a bit frustrating but today I had a breakthrough. All these ideas came flowing in and as soon as I got home I jotted them now. Now once I submit this I am off to find a new theme that fits with my ideas, or close too, and get started on rearranging it based on the picture in my head.

Running has it's benefits, and some will argue it's negative aspects too, but it is so much more than a physical workout for me. It is a mental one too, more so even. I look forward to those runs because it is truly where I can get away from everything else in life and it's distractions and focus on my visions and what I am passionate about.

So I am just wondering what you do to clear your mind? To unwind? To help you focus? Comment below!

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NWTDennis Premium
Well ... I used to run a lot. Couldn't do the morning run ... preferred the evening run to relax from a day at the office.

Now in retirement, I ride my bike around our very hilly terrain in the neighborhood. Knees can't take the impact anymore. And now my motive is primarily health, but I'm outdoors and the colors are refreshing.
daniel44 Premium
I ride my bike and I find it refreshing from driving.
Maxiam59 Premium
play video games it takes me to a different world and adventures all the best
Sui_generis Premium
Hiking for many of the same reasons you run. ~Debbi
TJ7774 Premium
I love hiking, I wish there were more places to do it around where I live.
bazboy247 Premium
Meditation is the way I do it, its a way of learning to be with your self
Its in the silence that our true power exists

TJ7774 Premium
I've just gotten into meditating, I do love it.