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I go for a morning run about 5 days a week. It's great for waking me up, especially with the air being more crisp, and it also helps me clear my mind. I don't listen to music when I run outside because nature really keeps my mind busy. I get lost in the beautiful colors of it, whether it be lush and green, or fading and yellow. It helps to clear my mind. Whilst running all my worries are gone. I rarely think too much of that days responsibilities, or things I need to do, but get lost in my own
September 10, 2014
I joined WA almost 1 year ago! Wow! And while I haven't had the "success" I initially hoped, that is only my fault. WA helped me discover a lot about myself. I rediscovered my love of writing, gained some self happiness and confidence, and befriended some great people. After an amazing, adventure filled summer and a busy move a province over, I am finally settled down and ready to kick off year 2 just right. I took a break from WA to really discover what I was passionate about. Basically, writi
I know it isn't summer everywhere! But for a majority of people it currently is. Summer has always been my favorite season. Nothing I love more than being outside, sunshine, fresh crops (I come from the prairies of Canada) and the joyous buzz of events continuously happening. I spent 5 weeks hitchhiking across the country. If you didn't know- you can check that out here. I then returned and immediately spent 5 days at a music festival, with my birthday being celebrated there too. Now that I am
July 03, 2014
I made it to the East Coast! For those who don't know, I hitchhiked across Canada from the west to east coast. Not only did I get to St.John's Newfoundland on Monday June 30th, but I went to the eastern most point in all of North America as well. I consider this a win :) This trip was one of the greatest things i have done. It was an eye opener, a learning experience and a good time to reflect with myself. I am so excited to get back to my home and begin working with all this motivation and i
June 26, 2014
New Blog post on my site if you want to check it out! More photos added too! Check it out here!
The clock just struck midnight out here on the east coast of Canada. That means it is now June 26th and it's sinking in that we are almost halfway through 2014 (WHAT!). It's a great time to reflect on the past half year, and how I would like the next half to go. Goals have already been set, and will start to be implemented more once I am back from this trip. I was feeling very unmotivated at the start of the year, and gave my notice at work. I spent a couple months unemployed, working on this t
So there have been 2 new posts to our site I write this on my iPhone, which doesn't like to link things today I guess. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any images uploaded to the posts via the app on my phone. I have been reading into it with no luck so far. I hope to have this resolved soon. You can also check out my Facebook, Google and Twitter- links located on my profile here. Daily updates given! Sorry for any grammar errors and lack of links. My p
I'll be posting another blog or two over the next couple days. I've made it to southern Ontario and am so excited to share the past weeks adventures including a limo ride! Make sure to check out our Facebook, Google+ and twitter pages found on my profile page. I would link them here but my iPhone makes posting on here difficult. Sorry for any grammar errors as well!
Week 1 of trip down and we passed through Saskatoon (my home). I was able to get our technology situation fixed here and do a bit of updating to the site. Typed out the blog I wrote Thursday night and added photos. I don't have Joel's photo's yet, but will get those on soon. Now I will be able to update it more as the trip goes on :) You can read the first posted blog here..... I'm also just finishing up a second post. I also added a photo gallery! While I wasn't able to post to the site, I w
June 03, 2014
Hey all! Day 2 of our trip is winding down. I was hopin to get a blog post up tonight but some serious technology issues. I promise to get one up tomorrow. So far it's been an awesome experience but I won't say much else. You'll have to wait for the blog! We have been updating on Facebook twitter and g+. You can go to my profile and find the links as well as our site. Appreciate any follow/share, and will return the favor. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's blog!