My very first website here at WA ..

Last Update: December 04, 2014

To be honest on learning I take a pebble step through out the lesson given by Kyle. Now my time is tight as I have to work on my regular job, but I am pleased to discover that at least nearly 30% of the content has been added in. With this opportunity may I request you our WA community to take a look of the content in my post and let me know what you think.

This website is all about flying radio control airplane which I am interested in. I would like to get a comment from our WA friend on the website Please kindly click on the image post on the landing page which links to the content.

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Nordlum Premium
Your website is absoultely amazing. I need to figure out how to really create my own niche that gives me an oppotunity to use my website as something that i can use affiliates with as well as an ecommerce store with a little bit of blogs. Please let me know if you have a road map, Congrats sir, and one more question how much have you netted through your website thus far?
Simoc Premium
I'm very impressed with your website Tinnakon. Well done. Lots of good information.
Tinnakon Premium
Thank you my friend. Leave me a message if you need your website commented. ; )
IMc Premium
Hi Tinnakon.

On the homepage, I definitely think you need more than just one picture and need a few paragraphs about the site.

Also, you have two navigation bars on the site . Try to remove one of them.

In the sidebar, remove the widget that says 'Meta' - it isn't important.

If you don't already have a Thai language site then you should also make this site both Thai and English language. Then you will get some farangs who enjoy flying RC planes in Thailand as well as Thai people. Add some information about the RC clubs and where people can go to fly or learn to fly their planes.

( We had a guy from Denmark staying at our guesthouse last week. He builds RC planes and has an electric plane that can do 180Km/h. . He said it's very difficult to fly :-) )
Tinnakon Premium
Thanks for your reviiew IMc. May be you could try to click at the picture that will link to the post. In the post there are certain content you want to comment for me. Thanks

Please kindly invite your friend to visit my website and submit some picture of his very fast plane. I will publish them in Gallery Menu.

Lastly I will follow your advice for navigatio bar and so on. See you!
mbani Premium
i will be happy to take a look once my day job is finished, today.
nursing is calling ... will be back later,
Tinnakon Premium
Well take your time, thanks for your contact. : )