Free tutorial on W3 Total Cache after much searching...

Last Update: August 13, 2014

If anyone is interested there is a very good Free tutorial on setting up W3 Total Cache here. After much searching on and off WA this was the easiest to follow for someone like me with very little coding.

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MattJones Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this!!! The optional downloadable PDF from the URL you shared has ultimately increased my site's speed. Bookmarked for future reference!
lionelp Premium
I have disabled the W3 Total Cache plugin because my website started to crash. But before the crash I received an error message that instructed me concerning "New Relic" software. This is the error message:
1. New Relic is not running correctly. The plugin has detected the following issues:
2. PHP module is not enabled.
3. PHP agent is not enabled.
4. API Key is invalid.
5. Account ID is not configured.
6. Application ID is not configured. Enter/Select application name.
7. License key could not be detected.
Please review the settings.

Do you have New Relic running on your website?
Thanks so much for the W3 Total Cache Tutorial.
Timshazz Premium
No I dont think I have New Relic. What is it for?
lionelp Premium
The W3 Total Cache plugin for wordpress is a partner with New Relic to access data from a New Relic account and show it via your dashboard. Do you use The W3 Total Cache plugin? If so, are you using WA hosting services or a dedicated hosting services?
Jonicas Premium
Thank you Sharyn for sharing this resource
suphatp Premium
Love true, but pardon error.
s0yabean Premium
What kind of site speeds are you getting that warrants you to use such plugins?