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Last Update: September 02, 2016

So I have had sooooo many messages asking me about the sales funnel I use and how I do what I do I wrote a review on it a wile back so I figured Id copy it to my blog here so you can see for yourself... Please be aware this is wrote almost 3rd person as its off my website and wasnt written to be posted within WA... I have removed all links and images as this is just for info for the people that have been asking.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with online sales pro or OSP for short I am going to explain to you little bit about the company, what they do and how you can make money with them. I am going to try and keep my review as unbiased as humanly possible because I am a member of OSP. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and normally a wealthy affiliate will bash down a company and to show you the scam, which 99% of the time it saves your arse but this time we don’t have a scam on our hands. We have a genuine internet marketing network that you can not only make a massive life changing amount of money as an affiliate with but you can also get leads for your own online business, in my case wealthy affiliate. Click the image of the sales funnel below watch a video of how it works.

When I talk now I am talking for personal experience and if you read any other of my reviews you will see I have a very big following of online supporters that look to me to show them the truth. This for me is the most excited I have been to write a review of anything internet marketing related. As an experienced affiliate marketer I have done my fair share of reviews, busting scams and showing you genuine products. The best ways to make money online are my two #1 recommendations and they both compliment each other for maximum exposure.

What Is Online Sales Pro

OSP is a network marketing program that gives you the opportunity to customise out of this world landing pages to capture leads for your online business or any business in reality. The most amazing feature about the capture pages is the autoresponder that works alongside a fully up to date Apple iPhone app and Android app, if you are anything like me you will know how useful this tool is for when you are out on the go. You can quickly respond to all new leads that come in pointing them to your online business it truly is pronominal. The landing pages that are provided are so incredible that you are going to see 90% of your clicks convert into a lead.

You are going to get access to online training too with no expense speared by the creator

  • Welcome Training Video

List Building Secrets – 8 Videos

  • List Building Follow Up Secrets – 7 Videos
  • Organic Facebook Marketing – Full Walk Through Video
  • How To Become A Twitter Lead Magnet – Full Walk Through Video
  • Video Attraction Strategy
  • Facebook Search Training 101
  • Affiliate Training
  • Network Marketing Training
  • How to dominate instagram ;p Like I do
How To Make Money With Online

Now this is where you are going to make the money online, with online sales pro affiliate program, you dont even have to spend hours making landing pages or websites you are going to sign up as an affiliate and within seconds you will have several different affiliate links for you to promote all with their own lead gripping landing pages already up and running and ready to go. When I tell you this happened to me its the truth, I signed up and within 28 minutes I had 53 leads for my online business wealthy affiliate and 1 sign up to OSP that’s $20 in pure profit for the sign up and 53 leads to follow up and refer to WA. All I did was share my affiliate link to my Facebook page and because the landing page is all singing all dancing it automatically provided result...

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