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So I have had sooooo many messages asking me about the sales funnel I use and how I do what I do I wrote a review on it a wile back so I figured Id copy it to my blog here so you can see for yourself... Please be aware this is wrote almost 3rd person as its off my website and wasnt written to be posted within WA... I have removed all links and images as this is just for info for the people that have been asking. For those of you that are unfamiliar with online sales pro or OSP for short I am go
So when I first started my journey with WA I was new to building sites hence the join, but I was far from new with marketing as a whole. I watched all the training and it seemed to breeze through it as Kyle is such a good teach my site started taking shape everyday tho I changed something. I never seem to be quite happy with the look of it. Skip forward a bit and I just wasn't getting the sales I wanted to get and couldn't figure out what was holding me back. I was worried what people would thi