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What are the income streams available to me though wa?

What are the income streams available to me though wa?

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In general, what avenues do others use to create income? Selling goods and/or services? Selling memberships in WA? Both? Something else entirely?

The income streams are only of value if you are getting targeted traffic. That is where the real work is.

Hi Thomas, have you seen this tutorial yet?

It explains 6 ways in which one can create an income stream from their website(s):

Hi Jason, no I haven't viewed that tutorial. Wanted to get a feel for what was possible from other members in order to gauge the possibilities of creating a successful business before spending time watching the videos. It's my own way of getting to the heart of what we all want and why we're here. To create a business model that generates income

I see :)

There's no video within this tutorial, but it is a great read which shares a few different ways that a website can be monetized.

At the moment, my business focuses on affiliates and I love it. I would like to create my own product in the future however.

Depending on what your niche is, it could be any or all of the above. I mainly focus on affiliate programs so I don't have to deal with the hassle of selling physical products.

Thanks, that is a thought I had also. Work smart and hard rather than just work hard.

Appreciate your input

Every niche is different, you can make money using your sites at WA via all the things you mentioned above. It depends on your niche.

Thanks for your swift reply. Can we chose more than one niche and more than one website? I, like many, have more than one interest which might lead to multiple websites and multiple income streams.

Yes, but for more than 2 you will need to upgrade to Premium if you desire hosting here. With Premium, you get 25 free and 25 hosted (domain) sites.

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