No Success In View Without Engaging SEO & Keywords In Your Online Marketing Efforts

Last Update: July 17, 2018

Somebody recently said during a telecast that there're five physical or geographical continents on earth but there's a fifth one which is the worldwide web, commonly known as "WWW".

Without controversy, we know that on each continent, there are prevailing languages that every inhabitant speak more or less fluently and do also read and write. Otherwise, you might feel frustrated to live and excel there.

The same way, if anyone wishes to survive or enjoy life to the fullest on worldwide web; it's a MUST for him/her to have knowledge and even mastery of the prevailing language there; the which is expressed via some terms called "KEYWORDS". Those Keywords are searched through a sort of virtual dictionary or better, a virtual encyclopedia called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Anyone of us on this platform of WA who really wants to succeed should begin to be used to Keywords and SEO.

I strongly believe that a word to the wise is enough!

with your success in mind, have a glorious day!

Boaz Ethan

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pazalles20 Premium
Keywords and SEO, that's what I have extracted from your article and can't agree more with you, thanks for sharing my friend.
Laurel0887 Premium
I feel the same.....

JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Boaz. I will definitely be using both. Jim
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Boaz.
Jayday500 Premium
Speaking positive thoughts into existence, is very powerful. Great success on your journey.