I Feed On Your Likes And On Your Comments, So Please Don't Starve Me!

Last Update: July 19, 2018


I will keep this post very short and straight forwards!

I'd like to remind us all the reason why we are here; It's simply to succeed. And in the process thereof, there're lot of challenges and roadblocks. That's why to make the journey easier, Kyle and Carson, out of wisdom have put a whole lot of tools and training facilities together here on the platform of WA for our usage.

If one is making use of them or not, it shows in his/her activities.

For sure, a great number of us here are not computer gurus or experts so much so that one can strive out of the training lessons to create a website! Are we?

That's why, for such among us who've been making efforts to as least post something as often as possible, I humbly come via this post to entreat the kindness and the compassion of one another as a Family by simply Liking or Commenting on what you see someone posting.


When each and every one was signing up, priority was given for goal setting as to how much one was could expect to make per month? Without thinking further, some of us put $50,000/Month or more.

Some others put lesser figures such us $1000, $5,000 or $10,000/Month. That's very fine!

An objective or a goal will remain utopian until the hard work aspect thereof is attended to.

Therefore, if some are really dying hard to work the as here in order to reach out to their goals, I believe as a family the contribution of each one of us should be really welcomed!

Yes; our LIKES and COMMENTS will also go a long way to push us forwards.

See for intense, within my 41 days already spent here as WA; I've got 828 followers. If for each one of my post, as least 1/3 of them could like or comment; I mean 276 followers, that would be so fantastic, isn't it?


In reality, each one of our posts should help someone to make progress in his/her endeavors as far as Wealthy Affiliate is concerned.

I'm a Pastor, and this is a wonderful and a green pasture to introduce Christ Jesus to multitudes therein but it's not allowed here according to the policies of WA but individually, I've been touching some people here according to God's leading towards them. As I used to say, God likes orderliness...

So, make sure your topics are not always too personal or far remote from the main purpose that gathers us all here.

Prepare training programs which carry lot of points.


An adage says that practice makes perfect. So let's practice on daily basis, everything that we

learn. And great life lesson is that what you want people to do for you, begin to do the same to them. So, since we're all here to succeed, make sure you like as least the posts of your followers in case you cannot comment on them because you might not be knowledgeable to the posted subject matter.

For me, I will be better I simply like a post rather than writing as a comment, stuff like: ''GREAT POST''; "GOOD!" "EXCELLENT"; "WONDERFUL"... That's amateurism.

Better make no comment! Simply like!

So, thank you very much, especially to all of you my 800+ followers.

Give me as least 276 Like if you really mean success for me because that's what you've wished me so far!

I hereby promise to LIKE as many posts as I could come across on this platform any time I pop in here as WA.

With your success in mind, have a great day!

Boaz Ethan

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SueKolman1 Premium
I just clicked 'Like This'
ThimGraFort Premium
Thank you very much Sue for applying a good and simple lesson!
EandS2018 Premium
Your right, great job.
Many Blessings, Scarlett and Elaine
Loes Premium
You are right, after welcoming and wishing people well on their journey here at WA, we have to take the effort to comment on posts as well.

Together we can serve a lot, every 3-5 minutes, a post, training or question is dropped into my mailbox. I can't read them all, it would give me more than a day job. I follow 10.9K here at WA.

I always say, please pay attention to your subject line, when that's totally uninteresting, you do go into my trash bin right away.

I choose about 50 posts, which I can read from the 400 - 500 I get.
RussellO1 Premium
Liking your spirit Boaz.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Boaz.