Advertising To Profit Has Become A Real Life Challenge Today, Any Helps?

Last Update: July 18, 2018


Today, we count more than 500 Millions advertising companies and agencies online alone. We are not making mention of offline or traditional advert companies such as Above-The-Line, Below-The-Line or Outdoor Agencies!

Meaning that there are billions of advert companies altogather on this planet. And as a result, we're totally overwhelmed, bombarded, even battered and flooded with all kind of them every single minute! The major intricacies of that incident are that ads have almost lost their premier value which is guired towards creating awareness. They're rather become a big source of ere anoyance to the point that a good product might be promoted online but would never get any audience!

That's what many of us have been facing with our various products we're trying to market every moment.


Within this taugh Tour Of Babel kind of atmosphere, one needs to be properly guided before wasting his/her time and hard earn money with a so-claimed high conversion advertising agency.

In search for that direction, there're some keywords one needs to pay attention to.

  1. Beware of any advert Agency which claims to be highly effective portraying big and inticing pictures and figures.

I have evidence of what I'm insinuating for being online for over 10 years now like many of you here also. If what they claim to be was really seen in their income, I tell you I would have been robbing shoulders with lots of gurus today. LIES and EXAGERATION are the open and shameful choice of many advertisers today!

They might not know their end but I know it very well and I'm thrilled about that that's why I sometimes pray for such people with an unjust yard steak.

2. Discover the extremely unoticed trap behind pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertising companies before engaging in them

If they pay you let say, $0.001/click every 10 or 15seconds, that means that before you get $1, you're to click 1000 ads X 10 or 15 seconds. Do the maths to see the number of hours one can waste in a seating!

And the funniest thing is that THE PURPOSE OF THE MAIN AD IS 97% THWARTED!!!

Do you know why? People, instead of viewing your ad, they will shift their attention on pursuing the Dollar peanuts offered to them for each Ad they click! With all humility, I call this Mammon slavery and also waste of precious times and ressources.

I believe that things should be done to fullful each purpose for which they're done!

Products are placed on Ad platforms to be liked and most importantly to be purchased. But when exagerating and abusive bribes called incentives begin to be apparent alongside of adverts, everything becomes suspiciously boring because the trust in the product you are to buy can drastically reduce because of those gimmicks! Somebody will say, ooh but all those are Marketing or sales strategies! Yes, but abuse always leads to destruction.

As far as you concerned; very honestly, how many referrals have you been recording per day with your links despite your ever increasing Ad budgets so far? Does it make sense to continue like that?

I'm not trying to discourage anybody here from continueing to advertise! No! Even I myself despite all am still wildly advertising my WA links and banners almost on every social media and on a dizaine of selected ad companies!

But this thought I'm sharing today came after setting an Ad budget (from last month June since I joined WA and now) of over $680 in total for just only one referral for WA and some 3 for 2 other programs each!

Tell me, does it really make sense???? I'm a foolish person to burn over $600 some of you might say but anyway, it's another bad and sad experience of mine of which I'm just warning someone else to avoid!

3. Do not ever sign up to any Ad company, talk less of upgrading before searching for a perfect review thereof

To learn more about this 3rd point, also visit this link by Jerry Huang that I affectionately call the MBAPPE of Wealthy Affiliate because of his young age but who is really doing very well because I've read many of his articles and posts and I'm learning a lot trough him.

Many of us just live our lives just "carnally''. That's, we just apprehend things with our human intelligence and ability and that ends there! Well, I won't start to teach you spirituality here because God being a God of orderliness, here, we're doing business. But please, I did repent after wasting over $600 for almost nothing even though at least, I got one referral I vowed to help to make it here since it costed me so much to have him here but unfortunately, he's a french speaker, which makes things a bit difficult for me. I also speak and write french but I cannot translate WA for him.

By the way, can this site be accessed in other language than English???

The point is that among those billions of Ad companies out there, the majority are SCAMS! And it's not just the sites which are scams but the people behind them. It means that not every human being you see on the streets on even in big hotel lobbies are normal human beings! Many are demons in form of human beings! Anyway, that's another subject for another day...

4. It might look slow but also try to present your offers to some well known group of fellows you love and wish to see them succeed.

I've been targeting some of my friends who can engage in this our simple online adventure, I mean WA and the only challenge in my area here is the language barrier. I won't tell Kyle and Carson to translate their website into French but maybe it will come one day. Some of you can suggest google translation but sometimes, the translation is not accurate. I've already tryed it here.

Thank you so much for your attention and don't forget to like or to leave a comment

With your success in mind, never stop growing in blessing upon this platform of WA.

Boaz Ethan

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WilKay60 Premium
Hi Boaz

Thank you for your post. It found it very interesting.

Rayso Premium
Hi Boaz

Love your blog - an interesting post.

ellford Premium
Boaz, I just love your blog here!

I feel exactly the same way and I actually HATE Google Ads that are littered on people's sites - why? Because you have no control of the ad that Google places on your site.

Case in point - Let's say you have a niche site for "Plumbing". You have all sorts of do it yourself articles and you've worked hard to include affiliate links for people to buy plumbing parts and tools from your site. You've spent so much time building your site and your so proud of it. Then you put up Google Ads (or others) on your site thinking you're going to make a killing in ads. But what does Google do? They place an ad on your site for "Boaz's Plumbing and Services" because when Boaz (sorry using you here) bought advertising for his site, Google put the ad in a similar area - not knowing this is direct competition.

The other bad thing with Google Ads is there's no control over WHAT they post to your site. There's nothing more annoying to me than going to a site say on Plumbing and there's a bunch of Google Ads all over the site for "How to lose bodyfat" or "Cool Football Skills" - how are these even related to your niche? If I'm doing my own work and I come to someone's site that has Google Ads all over it - I kill the site and go to the next site - I just can't stand it.

My 11 year old son was reading over my shoulder as I wrote the first paragraph and he pipes up telling me how much he hates Google Ads all over peoples sites when he's trying to do his schoolwork. He says every time he sees them, he thinks it's a SCAM SITE that is going to try phishing for your ID or loading malware on your computer so he shuts them down too.

Interesting - so if someone like me kills someone's site when I see Google Ads and my son does the same thing, then you can bet a good 20% (this is a rule of thumb in surveying by the way) of visitors to you site are doing the same when they're spammed with ads.

Thanks for the post Boaz, I loved it...
ThimGraFort Premium
Thanks so much Ellford for this great contribution.
I so much appreciate it.
Thanks once again
HazelH Premium
Totally agree with you Dave-google ads really put me off a site and I will click away from it and find another site that isn't plastered with ads. I have already made the decision that I will not have google ads on my site even though I haven't got to that point in the training yet. I may lose some income but I am comfortable with that.

Best Wishes
Vickic3 Premium
Thank you for this share Boaz
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Boaz.