Having Problems? The Devil is ALWAYS in the Details

Last Update: December 14, 2012
No matter how long you have been at this, when you hit a stumbling block it always turnd out that the Devil was in the details. What happens is it is different details that get you the more experienced you are, but trust me there will always be those details.

Today, I was trying to set up a forum signature. Now from Day 1, I have been told forums are a good way to get backlinks if you keep it relevant etc. Not to put them in the posts you make but in your profile and if they let you signature. The forum I was on is set up just like the WA one so I should have been good, right? What detail got me? I did not know how to do anchor links in BBCode!

When I first started I would have been stumped and just stopped in my tracks and when I got the courage asked the question in the forum, now I would use the live chat thing on the side bar. But today, it did not throw me, I just went to Google and good ole Wikepedia had a list of BBCodes matched to HTML. The good news is I pretty much have the HTML codes memorized, so I was good to go.

My next task is to figure out this whole Google Plus one thing. I am pretty sure my pages and posts would be ranking better if I had that piece going. I have successfully ignored it! I know there will be things in there that I have to master... The whoe socila media thing is just not part of my every day clicking here and there like the young folk do and My only social networks are FB and I just do the basics on that. I did learn how to upload and tag pictures though, so check that off as another deviled detail mastered! I do have a Twitter account and don't really know what to do with it :)

If you are following me and wonder why I don't follow you back, it is another detail, I'm not sure how to make the best use of it... I guess I should just go through and follow everyone? If you comment on my blog posts, I will click to follow you :) I guess I need to go to my training materials and see who commented there.... hmmmm

Newbies and Oldbies will get bogged down while working on a project and the bottom line will always be Devil in the Details. Once you get them you a good to go and ready to be bogged down again with new details!!

PS This format for WA they put in last summer is still a Devil of a Detail learning curve for me.... lot of buttons to push and never sure what they all are for!!
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Shawn Martin Premium
Just when you get one figured out.... LOL< Keep on keepen on Sue!
Labman Premium Plus
Devilish details. Embrace them. I see that you are conquering them successfully. Keep at it, you will win.
jatdebeaune Premium
You hit on it Sue. It's all the little details that get you stymied. There's always some little detail to learn and overcome in order to advance. I identify with your post. Thank you.
dazzlefish Premium
Great advice, thank you. What is the benefit of a high ranking? Or will that knowledge come in time?
PMV Premium
There's so much darned detail the devil runs rings around me just for entertainment ... lol, P.
thesue Premium
learning how to filter the details you need and those you don't at the moment anyway is the trick...