I'm convinced, collaboration is the best way

Last Update: November 18, 2020

Are you still buying traffic on Facebook?

Are you still trying to rank on Google, Bing etc?

I'm fed up with Facebook. I've spent THOUSANDS on advertising. Then they suspended my Ad Account. Now...they have locked me out of my personal account, claming to be checking my identity. I've given them my phone number, my home address, my email address, and quite honestly TMI (Too Much Information). And I am very convinced that they supress posts for most everyone. NOT a very "social" media, in my opinion.

SEO... this method is a long, long, loooong term strategy and when you are King or Queen of the Hill and on top of page 1, 2, or 3, --- if you take a bit of a break --- you will not be on top for very much longer.

IMO (In My Opinion) the most effective strategy is Team Work. Building a small group of about 7 people with different skills and passions, but a common gaol and obective.

This little team, or group or syndication will accelerate and escalte your online exposure and growth exponentially.


The challenge is keeping this little team of 7 people on target and in action.

We all have lives and different things that might take priority over our online success. When this happens, the team of collaborators breaks up, and the momentum dieas.

So sad. We were all doing so well, and then...

IT SLOWED DOWN and might stop.

How to we keep the ball rolling?

Do you have suggestion of how to keep a team/family together and moving forawrd and upward?


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Dhind1 Premium Plus
I agree there are issues with FB. Recently, they have told me that my sale of free membership on my website violates their policy.

I am attempting to find out why, but until I do, I will turn off sync to the website store.

TheMagicBrad Premium
Social media platforms of all types are becoming very restrictive, cautious and are preventing much business type interaction.

I’m starting to believe the main strategy is to be 100% social and interesting and attractive so that people get curious about what you might have to offer in the distance.
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
I agree with jetrbby80316 you need passionate people
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Some valid observations, Brad!

jetrbby80316 Premium
You need to have passionate people all on the same page with a thirst for the end goal, and it HELPS if they like each other.
TheMagicBrad Premium

And keeping them away from distractions is the big challenge in this internet world of shiny objects.
jetrbby80316 Premium
AffFranE82 Premium
Yes running an Online Business is not easy and takes a lot of patience. If you don't have patience then you will give up no matter what traffic producing method you are using. The best advice I have is make sure all team members want it as bad mmmmmmmm ya.

TheMagicBrad Premium

Patience is a key characteristic of online business.

And having a team/friends to inspire you and "pull" you through is very helpful, invigorating and will accelerate success.

Minneapolis, MN