Just Words - Action vs Re-Action

Last Update: October 25, 2015

Hello everyone San here again with another great word,

ACTION - An act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.

RE-ACTION - Action in response to some influence or event.

These two words mirror each other and you cannot have one without the other.

The one thing I have found in my life is for every ACTION there is an equal or more than equal RE-ACTION.

A re-action can either be negative or positive, there is no definite way to predict which one you will get. You can however remain positive in your action and re-actions. (Yes I know I have misspelled reaction, it is done for literary effect)

I attempt to get positive re-actions, a lot of time I get the opposite, but that does not keep me from moving on towards my goal. I tend to take negative re-actions as an opportunity to improve myself. I therefore have begun to love negative re-actions or feedback to my work.


It took me quite some time to be able to accept the negative way some people would react to my rantings like this one. I am not objectionable to change, I embrace change, it is just some changes are very hard to embrace because they poke you with very tiny needles of envy, self doubt and vengeance for what others have done.

Learning to accept negative or positive re-actions to my actions has been the biggest growth in my life and I know there are others who struggle with this.

While positive feedback gives me a great feeling and I love it, it is misleading and is only good for a guide for what I am doing right.

While negative feedback gives me a guide for what I am not doing right and must either change or improve on. Some look at this as constructive criticism and it may well be, still it is what it is, criticism. When it is used in a manner to feed my improvement it is good, but when it is used to just cut and weaken it is this re-action I needed to learn from.

It was this imperfection I needed to overcome and put behind me. I expected to become perfect and get a quick fix. There are no quick fixes for this, you must expect to fail, time and time again. I know I did, but you will get there with practice.

I leave you with a poem or a quote from a poem, while it refers to the masculine in the poem it is directed towards both the feminine and the masculine.



Angela Morgan

When Nature wants to drill a man,
And thrill a man,
And skill a man.
When Nature wants to mould a man....

Nature's plan is wondrous kind
Could we understand her mind . . .
Fools are they who call her blind.
When his feet are torn and bleeding
Yet his spirit mounts unheeding,
All his higher powers speeding,
Blazing newer paths and fine;
When the force that is Divine
Leaps to challenge every failure and his ardour still is sweet
And love and hope are burning in the presence of defeat . . .

Lo, the crisis! Lo, the shout
That must call the leader out.
When the people need salvation
Doth he come to lead the nation. . . .
Then doth Nature show her plan
When the world has found - a MAN!

Revel in the fact you are tested by others, it is Nature's way of making you into the person you should be. This is the best Re-Action to Nature's Action. You are special, you have a gift, everyone does one thing better than anyone else, let it come to you and you will reap the reward of it.

I am always at your service,


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BoyRacer Premium
Great Blog, interesting and informative and something to think about and take in. Great
TheFatGuy Premium
Thank you for saying so,
Love to give people food for thought and something to ponder while they work.
Mike-Writes Premium
This is so very true. Great blog... thanks!
TheFatGuy Premium
Thank you for saying that. I put some work into it, wanted to lift others up and show them they have the skills needed to get it done and make a success story of their lives.

krazykat Premium
Profound and thoughtful.
Thanks San!
TheFatGuy Premium
You are welcome,
Thank you for your comment, always appreciated.

Cali Premium
Great discussion and awesome topic. I am bookmarking this for a reread.
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Thanks Cali,
I was attempting to inform, but you have opened my eyes to other things.
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So true! Thank you San!
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You are welcome Ed,
Thank you.