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November 08, 2015
Hello everyone San here,I thought I would cheer everyone up with a story of what a day during the rainy season is like in the Philippines. This event happened before we left and I just wanted to share it because there are so many who need to find what is going right when everything seems to go wrong.I got up dark and early to a grey sky, it is the rainy season here and it is to be expected.I was cheerful about it and went on my walk/run thinking if it rained I would duck in somewhere and wait
Hello everyone San here,I want to invite you all to accept a challenge that Tony Hamilton has placed before us. Just check out this link to find out what it is all about: CHALLENGE IS FOR EVERYONE!Now some of you may not have gone thru enough of the training to do the things Tony outlined in his challenge, but that does not mean you cannot participate. NO quite to the contrary my friends, you are the ones who need to get involved the mo
Hello everyone San here again with another great word,ACTION - An act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.RE-ACTION - Action in response to some influence or event.These two words mirror each other and you cannot have one without the other. The one thing I have found in my life is for every ACTION there is an equal or more than equal RE-ACTION. A re-action can either be negative or positive, there is no definite way to predict which one you
Hello Everyone San here,In the world of Social Media I am what you would call an infant, maybe even a fetus. Recently I have been working on gaining a following on Twitter and Pinterest. Pinterest has been going wonderfully and I now have over 6K followers. Thanks to every one for following me. For those of you who would like to follow me I will return the favor and follow you back. however has not been that kind to me. I have followed several
Hello Everyone San Here,For the past month my darling wife and I have been traveling home to the US. We started on August 11 and finally found a place to settle down on September 11. I wanted to share one of the wonderful places we visited along the way. Mesa Verde National Park is a wonderful place to go. It is a huge National Park nestled in the SW Colorado Mesa's and is quite an adventure for all. There is no way to see the whole park in one day as it is over 52 K acres in size, so if yo
Hello everyone San here,I need a little help to get some things started for my newest referral. He is very dear to me, he is my son. I have been able to convince him the only way to change his life is to start now.Please help me in welcoming him and show him the greatness of this community. many thanks to all of you.San
Hello everyone San here,Just quick note to all of you to say thank you for keeping me company while I was traveling and for commenting on the pics I posted along the way.We made it home safe and extremely tired, Thursday was 42 hours long for us and we were unable to sleep while we went along. Excitement I guess.As soon as the jet lag wears off I will be hard at it getting everything up to date and getting my sites back in shape.Thank you for all of your support.I am always at your service,San
Hello everyone San here,I am reaching out to all of you this morning and thanking you for helping me with my success. Without you and I mean all of you, I would never have achieved anything.I have never had this happen to meThis happened this morning. This is not because of me but because of all of you. WA is my success story. I will be using this to tell the world about all of you. The BEST thing about WA is the community. There are thousands of loving, caring, generous and kind people her
Hello Everyone San here,I have been asked several times to see some before and after pics of me concerning my weight loss. I have a couple for you. Let me know what you think.All of these Pics above are me in 2014, on the trail with friends and at the aquarim in Newport.This is me now.We found a Cold Stone In Manila, I was rewarded by my wife for doing such a great job.I am always at your service.San
Hello everyone San here,We have landed safely in Taipei and found this beautiful garden to wait for our next flight in.I promised so many of you I would be blogging along the way and taking pics of some of the interesting things we see.These lovely Orchids were too inviting, had to stop and work in the aroma of their fragrance.What a peaceful place to work and write, one of the quietest airports I have ever been in and the wifi is Free LOL.I am truly blessed on my journey to have such a lovely t