Not an overnight success platform

Last Update: July 10, 2017

I'm writing this to say one thing. To the people that join Wealthy Affiliate thinking +that this is an overnight get rich quick program it is not. This is a program that teaches you on how to make money online. There is no such thing as an over night wealth, unless you win the lottery. This is basically building a business and building a business is not over night, there is a lot of hard work into it. You will have ups and downs in creating building and supporting a business it is not easy. The rule of thumb is if you want something you have to work at I, and the more work you put into the more lightly you will be successful.

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5-qpq Premium
Man, you are a great writer! I love reading your posts.

Have a good one dog man, and I'm happy to call you my friend.

And absolutely true!

thedogman Premium
Thank you so much I really appreciate that.
drcmaint Premium
Kyle Premium Plus
We are an online business platform, that is why. We teach online business and as with any business it takes time and effort to achieve success.

Success is also different things to different people. Building a website is a success, creating your first page of content is a success, getting indexed is a success, hitting page 1 in Google is a success, getting help from an expert is a success, solving a problem is a success, making money is a success.

All of these successes lead to the creation of a business. ;)
thedogman Premium
That is very true thank you Kyle.
dpanic63 Premium
Absolutely correct
enebeliuk Premium