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I'm taking some time off to get away for some rest. Well I am away and resting and visiting family and spending quality time with them. I just can not get away from my family here. I have been inviting new members and growing my list of followers, reading some blogs and working on my website some.I am getting support from my family members and they notice that I am happier with myself. It seems like here at Wealthy Affiliate and building my website is an addiction, but a good addiction. When I
I completed the level 2 certification finally been a long and slow journey. Now to stare level 3 and get that done I just got to keep rolling till I get them all done.
August 09, 2017
I just want to let everyone know that I am still going here. I haven't keep up with the community like I want to, I have been working on my website more and working more on the training. And for a week now I have a 3 year old boy I'm watching most of the time because of an emergency situation. It is very hard for a 56 year old man with a bad back to keep up with him and do this, just keeping up with him is enough. I'm still here I'm not going anywhere and going to work more on training and my w
My mistake I meant ranked on last post.
August 02, 2017
I got indexed last night, that is a shot in the arm. Still needs a lot of work to go.
July 11, 2017
I want to say thank you to all my friends her on Wealthy Affiliate. I have to admit that when I started WA in 2013 I really didn't understand the true concept of WA and community here. And at that time I didn't feel good about myself I was at very low point in my life with all that was going on at that time. So when I joined WA again a few months ago I have to say that the community made me fell better about myself. Yes I was slow about interacting but now I feel great about interacting with my
I'm writing this to say one thing. To the people that join Wealthy Affiliate thinking +that this is an overnight get rich quick program it is not. This is a program that teaches you on how to make money online. There is no such thing as an over night wealth, unless you win the lottery. This is basically building a business and building a business is not over night, there is a lot of hard work into it. You will have ups and downs in creating building and supporting a business it is not easy. The
July 04, 2017
My 4th of July was in front of the computer working on my website, reading blogs, and adding followers. It has been a busy day I really didn't feel like getting out I'm kind of under the weather. I do want to thank everyone here for all the nice messages and comments this really is a family here.Robert
July 02, 2017
I would like to thank Kyle & Carson for making Wealthy Affiliate possible. I have looked at all different ways to work at home with no success. I see websites that promote sites that say that is scam free and I check them out and find out that they are scams. Being on disability that hardly anything to live on and I can't waist the money fishing around and finding out I'm wasting my money. Here at WA I feel honored being here, I have done things I thought I would never do, like talk to peop
June 30, 2017
Hello everybody, I thought I would write this to let you know how for I'm getting. I got to phase 2, lesson 4 on Bootcamp, I know I'm going slow I don't want to rush and make mistakes. I don't get as much time as I would like there is things that take me away from this at times. I will say doing physical work is not as hard as working my brain, I'm not use to that lol. It is very difficult to do this when I have a 3 year old here, plus with my back problems it aggravates my back when I sit here