Where Can You Learn to Be a Prompt Engineer for Free: Top Online Resources

Last Update: May 29, 2023

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Where Can You Learn to Be a Prompt Engineer for Free: Top Online Resources

To be really successful with AI you need to become a skilled prompt engineer. Prompt engineering involves designing inputs for AI systems like ChatGPT to ensure they produce useful and safe outputs. I realized that this skill could open up new career opportunities for creative thinkers and those with technical skills related to AI.

For those looking to learn prompt engineering without spending a fortune, several free resources are available. One of them is a course offered by DeepLearning.AI in partnership with OpenAI on Coursera. It caters to beginners and provides around 18 hours of content to help aspiring prompt engineers improve their skills with AI tools like ChatGPT.

Another noteworthy resource is Learn Prompting, an open-source curriculum designed to help individuals communicate effectively with AI systems. This platform offers learning materials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users looking to enhance their ability to work with ChatGPT and other AI tools. By relying on these free resources, I am confident that anyone can build a strong foundation in prompt engineering and unlock new opportunities in the AI industry.

Overview of Prompt Engineering

Role of a Prompt Engineer

As a prompt engineer, I am critical in working with large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to develop meaningful applications for various tasks. My job involves designing prompts effectively to communicate with the AI so that it can provide desired results. Prompt engineering has become an essential skill in high-demand fields as organizations adopt LLMs to automate tasks and improve productivity.

Skills Required

To excel in prompt engineering, I need to possess a strong understanding of AI models and their capabilities. Some key skills that I've developed include:

  • Communication: Ability to communicate with AI effectively to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Adaptability: Learning to work with various LLMs, as each one may require a different approach or prompt design.
  • Creativity: Using innovative applications of these models and creating intuitive prompts.
  • Problem-solving: Analyzing and optimizing prompts to improve results and overcome limitations.
Starting Your Journey

As someone who wants to learn prompt engineering for free, I found several resources that can help kickstart my journey. In this section, I will share the online resources and social media platforms that I found useful.

Online Resources

One of the key resources I discovered is the Learn Prompting website, which offers the largest and most comprehensive course in prompt engineering available on the internet. It has over 60 content modules, is available in 9 languages, and provides a thriving community supporting my learning journey.

Another helpful source I found is a free one-hour course on ZDNet, titled "Want to learn more about prompt engineering? This free course can help". The course is taught by Isa Fulford and aims to show users how to use large language models (LLMs) to build powerful applications.

Social Media Platforms

In addition to online courses, I found that social media platforms are great for connecting with other professionals and enthusiasts in the field of prompt engineering. One platform I discovered is LinkedIn, where people share informative posts about the topic, like this "Roadmap of Becoming a Prompt Engineer (2023)" article published by Sadeeq Ali. It provides valuable insights and advice on building a strong foundation in natural language processing.

I also found that Twitter and other social media platforms have dedicated communities and hashtag discussions surrounding prompt engineering. By following experts and participating in these conversations, I can stay updated on the latest developments and learn from the experiences of others.

Utilizing these resources and engaging in social media discussions will help me start my journey as a prompt engineer, allowing me to develop the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in this field.

Free Courses and Platforms

As someone who has explored various resources, I can confidently share some of the best platforms to learn prompt engineering for free. While these platforms don't have specific courses on prompt engineering, they offer general courses in AI or programming that can help you develop relevant skills.


At Codecademy, I found an extensive range of free coding courses in various programming languages, such as Python and JavaScript. By mastering these languages, I was able to understand and work with AI tools, including prompt engineering better. The interactive learning environment and practical lessons allowed me to gain the necessary expertise in a hands-on manner.


When I was looking for in-depth AI knowledge, Coursera provided numerous free courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many of these courses are offered by top universities and experts in the field. Although not all of them are completely free, auditing the course content and learning from the lectures was accessible without any charges. I gained valuable insights into AI principles that are helpful in prompt engineering, even though the courses weren't specifically focused on it.

Khan Academy

Another platform I discovered is Khan Academy. Though it is primarily known for school-level subjects, I found their computer science courses helpful for building fundamental programming skills. While Khan Academy might not have advanced AI courses, it serves as a great starting point for those new to coding and offers a foundation for pursuing prompt engineering later.

In conclusion, even though I didn't find a specific free course on prompt engineering, these platforms can help you build a strong foundation. Combining the knowledge gained from these resources with some research and online tutorials can help you become proficient in prompt engineering.

Open-Source Projects and Communities

GitHub Projects

One valuable resource I discovered for learning prompt engineering for free is the dair-ai/Prompt-Engineering-Guide on GitHub. This open-source project provides a comprehensive guide to prompt engineering with various resources, tips, and examples. By following this guide, I can gain valuable insights and practical hands-on experience in communicating effectively with AI models.

Another GitHub project I found is Learnprompting.org. This open-source curriculum is designed for all skill levels and offers a step-by-step introduction to communicating with artificial intelligence using ChatGPT and other AI tools. As I progress through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections of the course, I can improve my prompt engineering skills and better understand how to achieve my goals using AI tools.

Online Communities

Aside from GitHub projects, I have also found useful online communities that offer free resources and discussions related to prompt engineering. One of these communities is the AI Dungeon community, where AI enthusiasts and practitioners gather to exchange ideas and collaborate on AI-generated content. By engaging with other members of this community, I can learn more about creative ways to use large language models for various purposes.

Another online community I have discovered is the OpenAI Community. Here, I can connect with a diverse group of developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts who share their expertise, experiences, and prompt engineering practices. The community regularly organizes events, webinars, and workshops related to AI advancements, which can further improve my prompt engineering skills.

In conclusion, by taking advantage of open-source projects on GitHub and participating in online communities, I can learn prompt engineering for free and become a more effective AI communicator.

Enhancing Your Skills

As someone who has learned prompt engineering, I want to share a few ways to enhance your skills for free.

Reading and Studying

One of the best ways to improve my prompt engineering skills is by reading and studying. I found that the Learn Prompting website offers a comprehensive course in prompt engineering, available in 9 languages and designed for all skill levels. This free and open-source curriculum helped me learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools effectively.

In addition to that, I like to explore articles on LinkedIn like "A how to: 5 steps to becoming a successful prompt engineer" and the "Roadmap of Becoming a Prompt Engineer (2023)", where I can find valuable advice and insights from other professionals in the field.

Creating Personal Projects

Another important way I enhance my prompt engineering skills is by developing personal projects. I start by experimenting with large language models like GPT+ and Bard, as recommended by experts in this Time article. By working on these projects, I can test different prompt designs and refine my approach to ensure the generated texts are high-quality and relevant.

Moreover, I use platforms like Microsoft Learn for resources such as the prompt engineering overview to help me select the right words, phrases, symbols, and formats that guide the model effectively.

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