The Well of Creativity - How to Practise Creativity

Last Update: September 09, 2021

I've always been fascinated by creativity.

Creativity seems to come so easily to some, while others struggle constantly to be at least partly creative?

I believe individual creativity is one of the decisive factors that help us stand out in our market, no matter:

  • What we do;
  • Who we help;
  • What we're selling.
Creativity is the magic key to help you do well!

One of the things I've noticed over the years is that creativity is a limited resource. Once I have burned through it for the day, I have to wait until tomorrow to get more creative.

If you burn through it too fast and for too long, you can set up circumstances where it might take weeks to get it back.

I'm not talking about writer's block or anything like that.

I'm referring to that moment when you're trying to be creative.

It's hard to be creative on demand at the drop of a hat.

It's much easier to set up circumstances where you can be creative… to get into (and more crucially stay in) the “creative zone.”

Creative Timing

Everyone has a specific time of the day when they are most creative.

My creative time is from 11.00 the morning, and I can stay creative until about 4 pm. I can't be creative before 10 and certainly not in the evening.

I don't want to keep working on creative activities after mid-afternoon. it doesn't matter what I still have left to do.

I don't want to write sales copy.

I don't want to make videos.

I don’t want to write articles.

I don't want to write sales copy.

I don’t want to create emails.

I don't want to do any of those creative things.

When the creativity time passes, and your well of creativity gets exhausted for the day, you're simply not creative anymore!

I can do other things I can do admin. I can make writing timetables, I can do research. I can only copy and paste that research, I can't do anything more than that

5 Creativity Tips

Here are my five creativity tips:

1. Make sure you give yourself a chance to be creative. Don’t just expect to instantly be creative on demand.

2. Figure out when you're most creative during the day and schedule your creative tasks for that period of time.

3. Get lots of rest and avoid getting overly tired. Tired people are NOT creative.

4. When you don't feel creative, go for a walk or take a nap to “reset” your brain. Forcing creativity rarely works (and you end up just going back and fixing stuff later).

5. If all else fails, distract yourself 100% with something fun for about 30-60 minutes and then come back to the creative task! Often this release valve is enough to get you a burst of creativity before it’s time to quit for the day.

You'll be surprised how often you can go back to the well of creativity every single day if you understand how to manage this resource!

The Takeaway

Before you tell yourself:

I guess I'm not creative today.

Or worse

I'm not a creative person.

Take a break!

Creativity is one of those things that can be practiced; it can be cultivated; it can be built like a muscle…

But even the most creative people in the world have a limited supply of creativity.

So, remember to:

  • Create a creative schedule depending on when you're most creative.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Take a break when you're not feeling creative.
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SophieKim Premium
Thank you for your post. I agree that sometimes you need to take a break from what you are doing as sometimes our minds do get bogged down. I do get very creative after a light breakfast and also having enough sleep. It also helps eating nutritious meal to get our brain function well. I also agree that if you need to take a long break, . . . Do so! It will help!

brichnow21 Premium
Scheduling creative time is a must and discipline is tested.
I follow a to-do of things I must do for the day, and then do the worst one first!
The other day? Mowing lawn was first order of business! My friend was coming by by noon, so I got to it!!
I can't wait til I "Feel like it" ! LOL
Thanks, Catherine!
TheCatherine Premium Plus
So important Barb
Dhind1 Premium
It is true, that distracting ourselves for a few minutes or a half an hour is often all we need to push on. That being said - yes creativity is not easy to power through with - either it is there, or we need to wait for it.

I do find that brainstorming helps sometimes to find new ideas to be creative about.

TheCatherine Premium Plus
I do those brainstorming ideas outside of my creative period.
brichnow21 Premium
I do "Brain Dumps" ...
5 minutes of what's on my mind!
Afterwards, I sort ideas into to bundles and have a written list of usually, "coming projects".
SamiWilliams Premium
Getting creative in real life (rearrange the living room, find a new meal combo that we love, hand made birthday cards, etc) helps keep my creativity going in online endeavours.

Some of us may refer to this as writer's block. I too do my research for what is next in those time periods.

I do love the times when the creativity is going strong. Maybe using a suggestion or two that you have shared will extend the great times. Thanks for a look at how your days go. Sami
Jessiefido Premium
Well said Catherine, I believe that creativity plays a huge part in what we do in our businesses.

We need to figure out when we are most creative during the day and then make the most of that time, be it only 20 minutes or maybe 4-5 hours.

As you say, we all have a limited amount of creativity in us, and when we aren't feeling it, taking a break or doing something different in order to relax and take our minds off things, could be all we need to get those creative juices flowing again!