Getting overMy Phobia of Snakes the hard Way

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I have had a phobia of snakes for as long as I can remember. I remember I couldn't even enter the reptile house at a zoo as a child. Yes, for you younger members, back in the day, it was acceptable to house captive animals in cages and charge people for visiting them.

Forty years ago in Thailand, my husband found a guy with a boa constrictor around it's neck and offered me a hundred dollars to touch it. Even though that cash was worth a lot more than that it is now, I wasn't even vaguely tempted. Apart from anything else even though we had a joint business and each of us owned our own as well, we also had a joint bank account.

I recently went to a nahual ceremony here in Guatemala, which is not an unusual thing. I often go two or three times a month. A nahual is a twenty-day cycle in the Mayan Calendar. There is an astrological concept attached to these days, with each day being associated with a specific nahual, which influences the personality and fate of individuals born on that day.

Serpent Day

In the context of the Mayan Tzolk'in calendar, the serpent nahual is known as "Chicchan " and is one of the twenty days.

Characteristics of Chicchan:


Chicchan is often associated with life's raw, primal energy and the natural world. It symbolizes strength, vitality, and a powerful connection to the Earth and the spiritual realm.

Spiritual Significance

Children born on a Chicchan day are believed to possess certain qualities attributed to serpents, such as intuition, healing abilities, and a deep understanding of primal instincts. They are often seen as being in touch with life's fundamental forces and might be regarded as having a solid spiritual presence or healing capabilities.

Representation of Transformation

Following the symbolism of the serpent, which can shed its skin, Chicchan also represents transformation, rebirth, and renewal. It signifies the ability to let go of the old and embrace the new, making it a powerful symbol of change and growth.

Connection to the Physical and Spiritual Worlds:

Chicchan is thought to bridge the gap between the tangible, physical world and the intangible, spiritual realm. This connection is an essential aspect of the nahual, highlighting a deep sense of understanding and communion with both realms.

So I ended up at a Mayan ceremony on this day, not even realizing what day it was on the calendar. Everyone has nine different Nahual days on their charts, and I often go on one of these nine days, but the Serpent doesn't appear anywhere in my destiny.

I went in the evening, and that morning, someone whose name was that serpent brought in a pit viper. I might add it was a dead pit viper, and when I went into the courtyard where the fire was to be held, there it was hanging from the tree.

I sat as far away from that viper as possible, which was ridiculous as it was dead. i felt physically ill. However, as I sat there and the fire burned, I realized that I might never again have the opportunity to touch a dead snake.

A Mayan fire ceremony can go on for hours and as the fire burned, I decided that I had held this irrational fear of reptiles long enough. First of all I touched it , and then screamed! Lol, it took me about a dozen years to even feel it. Much to the hilarity of the Mayans, who thought it hilarious.

Eventually, I decided to put it around your neck, and even though it was not touching my neck, that was still a step too far. As you can see, I look terrified. However, that is not the point I did it, and it is a bit like getting things done here at WA.

When you first start as a newbie, it is almost overwhelming. You can have several stabs at being consistent. If you stick with it, then you might get to stick it around your neck.

I have to say that I would be thrilled if I never saw another snake as long as I live, but I have to admit, given my lifestyle, it is unlikely. They are no longer absolutely throwing up terrifying. Something about that exercise was cathartic. I finally overcame a massive fear.

With the help and support of the community here you can also overcome your fear of creating a sustainable business.The idea may be tough at the start but we have a fantastic support centre here.

When a Mayan family shows up there are at least 25 people, that's a bit like live chat. You can pop in with a phobia, a fear, a question and suddenly you have a lot of answers.

I went to a Mayan funeral for a four year old recently she got run over. One of hte comments I over heard was a lady saying

"You could have looked after your child better in the street. "

That is a bit like live chat. Not all th4 comments are relevant, not everyone says the right thing, and that includes me by the way, but the community always has your back.

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Personal growth is always a good thing. I am not sure I would have hung the dead snake around my neck, as I really do not like them. So, kudos to you.
Regarding: WA, I do like what WA has to offer and think that it is more than just another platform on the web.
WA for me is like a library in the past, (yes, I do remember going to a library, though I have not been inside one for over 30 years), libraries provide opportunities, and each one is different for each person. Each row was an adventure, you never knew where you might end up.

WA is like that, it takes a bit of time to be comfortable here, but once you settle in and decide how it will work for you it is a great place.
Whatever the choice, WA allows us to be involved as much as we want, no questions, no pressure.
Some people choose to explore and grow and blossom, others choose to belong and learn.


Yes indeed Alex. We can use WA any way that is best for our businesses

My fear of snakes is more intense ~ that even in pictures, it terrifies me! LOL! Similarly with bugs, more so with spiders!!!
I can feel your fear just looking at the picture! LOL

You overcame your fear, and that's a great deal ( even allowing a dead snake over your neck)! Haha, you never stop to amaze me Catherine!


Well it had to be done, i had that phobia for nearly seventy years

I have similar phobia and more! And I don’t believe there is any way to confront that irrational fear. I just need to stay away!

i did that for far too long, the staying away. I am never likely to have one as a pet, but getting over fears is always empowering

Wow Catherine.

You overcame your Herpetophobia! 👍😎

You have to be careful handling venomous snakes, even dead ones, as you can become envenomated but accidentally pricking yourself on a fang.

Pit vipers have hemotoxic venom that causes severe hemorrhage (DIC), and some also have cardiotoxic venom that can affect the muscle of your heart and lead to serious arrhythmia.

Stick to non -venomous species. Ball pythons can make good pets.

Frank 🎸

Yes i knew that Frank, and you can be sire i was nowhere near the fangs.

Haha, I can believe it, Catherine. 😎

Frank 🎸

Herpetophobia! Thanks for the word, if you break it down it is her pet or phobia as o in Spanish is or. The Shaman put the snake around my neck and he put the head far down

You're a brave soul, Catherine! 👍👍😎

Not really, just trying to divest myself of being fearful

Which is part of the very definition of bravery! 😎

Although I don't have a snake phobia, I know someone who does, and her fear is way over the top, so I get it.

Great analogy. Whether a monkey on your back or a snake around your neck, WA is a great addiction.


Isnt it just

One can hope.

Dont give up

Hadn't heard about the Nahual before Catherine, but then again I have yet to visit Guatemala and experience their culture!

I've never really had a huge problem with snakes... big ass spiders would be my phobia!!

I wouldn't want to get too close to a living pit viper either, but a dead one shouldn't cause too many issues!!

Love the photo though my friend, life is all about facing our fears and overcoming them!!

It seems as if you have had a very productive day in this aspect!!

Very well done!!


Thanks Nic, one of the greatest pleasures of married life was I had a phobia about snakes and my husband a phobia about spiders. I dealt with the spiders he dealt with the snakes

Certainly sounds like a win win Catherine...

Have a wonderful start to the weekend my friend!

you too Nic

Much appreciated Catherine!!


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