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Embrace the potential of a conscious 'Me-Impact' commitment. It has the power to create significant change. Remember, every positive choice you make, no matter how small, adds up over time.

Believe that your actions, no matter how small, can create positive ripples that spread outward.

Identify your values and passions, and look for ways to align yourself with making a positive difference in the things that most resonate with you.

Inspire others by being a role model through your behavior and attitude.

Look for opportunities to perform acts of kindness, give compliments, volunteer your time and skills, or find other ways to brighten someone's day. That's a top favorite.

Live with integrity; your personal credibility can positively influence those around you.

Be or become solution-focused. Find constructive ways to address issues.

Express gratitude to others and for your blessings. Appreciate all the things happening around you. Love is all around us. 😊


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This is a good reminder to rely on our strengths and expertise.

Absolutely, Jim! Profound.

That's a perfect recipe for living a most excellent and gratifying life, Abie! 👍👍🥇😎

Frank 🤘🎸

I agree with you cent per cent, lol (100%)

I appreciate your profound response comment

Happy Tuesday, Abie! 🥳

Absoluely! It has been a fantastic day so far... I may head for a swim as soon as it cools off a bit lol.

Here in the afternoon, there's plenty of wind in the sea, which is brilliant for surfers :D

We are beginning a week-long "heat wave" here, Abie. Thank God for air conditioning, but we also have the ocean nearby, with great places to shop, eat, and have a few drinks.

The electric company is making quite a racket, tearing up our entire street, and installing some type of giant electrical conduit. I'll have to make my way out there to see exactly what's happening. Lol

We also have our plumber coming to install a new kitchen faucet today since our old one started leaking over the weekend. So it's been restaurants and take-out for the past several days, which was actually quite a bit of fun.

If it were me, I would go really mad, lol. I have little tolerance and sometimes a short fuse. But I am learning to extend this tolerance factor, like changing street furniture.

Otherwise, that's really fantastic for you guys, with the beach nearby. You're saved! Great job spotting the leak in time. :)

We try to have waterproof flooring where possible, but sometimes, it cannot be avoided in some areas. A leak would not be pleasant. :)

I'm used to dealing with all types of medical disasters, so I tend to take things as they come and in a calm, problem-solving manner. Lol

We try to add something good to every adverse event, which neutralizes it to some extent. 😎

I love that attitude. :) I tend to excel with the positives; I forget or don't consider all the negatives. Go figure! That's why two heads are always better than one. But yeah, that's good. I guess you are trained, which makes me a rookie, considering your standards :)

You win!

Haha, being woken up at 3 AM to come and see someone in the intensive care unit who was having a big heart attack or whatever became a way of life for me, Abie. However, helping sick people usually made it a very positive experience. What could possibly be better than saving someone's life?

The key is to balance out stress with things we love to do. Life is a lot less dramatic now that I'm almost fully retired and living it to the fullest. 😎

Doing that brings excellent satisfaction; you would have saved many lives—the person, their family, and their loved ones. It is very hard to lose someone you tremendously love.

Your expertise will always serve those who seek it.

That's all very true, Abie, and it comes with a deep sense of self-satisfaction. Forty years of seeing patients five to six days a week in the office and hospital; the key is to leave ego out of the equation, and you can really do some good! 😎

Having lost my parents and all my aunts and uncles except one, I truly understand the heartbreak of losing family members, but that is part of the cycle of life.

Ego is, for sure, the enemy! You have to be realistic and down-to-earth and serve to the best of your ability.

Yesterday, I was asked a simple question, and I remembered my mother. I cried at intervals during the day and night because I couldn't shake that thought. It's totally understandable.

Yeah, I know how much you loved your mother, Abie, which is a wonderful thing!

We were lucky enough to have outstanding parents, and my entire family is like that! I've always considered it my greatest asset in life. 😎

Thank you, Frank! You are very much appreciated. My hubby would not support me as much, lol.

I do miss home and Dad, lol.

You’re welcome, Abie!

As Dorothy once said: “There’s no place like home!” Lol 🏠🧙‍♀️😎

Dorothy is wise, lol. She knows what she's talking about.

Still, Oz is a pretty nice place to be! Lol 😎

Indeed, Frank! Wednesday here is super beautiful... Strikingly hot but cloudy, the rays can still pass through lol

Hi, Abie

We hit 97 degrees yesterday and it’s supposed to be another super hot one today!

We’ll probably be heading to the beach later this afternoon for a little summer fun in the sun.

Stay Cool and Happy Hump Day! 🌞🐫
Frank 🎸

That's perfect, Frank! Please be careful, as the sun can be both enjoyable and harmful. While I was writing this, I realized that you already know this!

Have fun you guys and don't to let us know how it was :)

Yeah, you’re preaching to the choir, Abie! Lol 🤣

We both wear 60-sport sunblock and a hat.

When I was small everyone thought the sun was great!

Sunscreen lotion didn’t really exist back in the 1950s, just zinc oxide. Suntan oil and The Beach Boys (later, in the 60s) were all the rage!

My aunts used to sit on the beach with these silver reflectors around their neck to tan under their chin. When they weren’t doing that they were at the country club playing golf under the hot summer sun!

Amazingly, none of them ever got skin cancer. It must have been their Italian olive oil skin. Lol God, how I miss them all! 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

The sun has changed since that time, perhaps due to changes in the atmosphere. It's the cumulative total; there were no ozone layer warnings then. I think where you come from matters as well. I find myself tolerant of the hot sun :)

It is also good to know what folks did then.

Yeah, things were a lot more relaxed back then, Abie.

People did and ate what they wanted. There were no government warnings on consumer products. Lol 😎

Frank 🎸

Yup, I would have loved to experience it :)

That's terrific, AbieOi.

Thank you, Lola lolol I meant Lula 🤣🤣✌️

You're welcome, AbieOi.

Always a pleasure :)

I love this concept! I hope it catches on, what a fabulous impact that would have on our beautiful planet! Keep thriving, Abie!!🙏👍💫🌹

Thank you, AI :) And good to see you...

Absolutely, your words are golden... I love them from the bottom of my heart 🤗✌️

Wise words, Dear Abie. :)


Perfect, JD! And you're welcome.


Can I have some hearts, too?

Absolutely, and since you asked, lol #LOLA


Thanks, AbieOi.

Np :)

:) 😘


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