My first $2000 in my online business in over a week- My greatest milestone

Last Update: Apr 29, 2020

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Many things can brighten our day but those which reward us of our hard work are one of the most cherished celebrations.

Today I wanted to share one of my achivements with you.

My online business has really paid off and I take this day to not really work and celebrate my success.

As I have been sharing my success on some occassions, this has to be my highest mile stone for my business online.

This week I was able to make $ 2000 sales over a week and this was just from one of my sites.

Below is the screenshot of sales for this current week:

What is funny is that I had nearly given up on this website end of last year because of no sales at all.

But by magic what made me continue was the sales I saw after having given up for 2 months and focused on another website, IMAGINE.

I guess this was seeing other members achiveing success and I was not. This made me think I doing it all wrong so I chose another website niche to start over again, ha ha.

I wrote about this on my previous post called My site getting sales finally!

I am about to reach my goals on this site and I am looking to continue with the other website fully.

This is because the sales keep increasing exponetially monthly or every two months as you saw with my last post of This is crazy,wow, My sales and visitors exploding.

The more I see the results the more I am happy I left my high paying corporate job as a Civil Engineer.

If you ask me my secret I will say this:

  • Follow the train fully
  • Keep learning
  • Understand your niche so you can be an authority: This has made me finally believe you can be an authority at anything niche as long as you love it, which I had a hard time believing before.
  • Make sure you are authentic and real on your website so people can relate to you (people can smell someone who is not being authetic just to make them buy).
  • Have a schedule for your posting, like 3 times a week or 5 times a week etc and then stick to it no matter what.
  • Do not let your emotions for wanting success overwhelm you. Trust the process.

I hope this helps anyone who is pushing for results.

This is probably the last update of my results as I won't be doing it for a while Until I reach where I am aiming for.

Thank you for reading my success now I am off to celebrate and I wish you great success too. Let's keep moving.


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Thank-you Thabo4,
I am feeling about the same way, though giving up is very hard for me to do. No sales! so depressing. Then I run into other problems like knowing about codes, how to make my site with more splash, finding affiliates, etc...But you have given me hope. I will follow your lead and see where I end up.
Keep up the good work, congrats on your success, and wish you continued success.


keep at it you will get there finally if you keep working

Thanks for sharing Thabo! This is my first week and I just created About Me. I believe that I will be successful but it is so inspiring to here it from the members here. Especially about not believing and almost giving up. Thank you again for making it real to me.

All my best,
Kerry Lee

Hi Kerrylee yes it's been a up lifting news for me too .I'm doing the course too and now i'm at the feedback point for my site and viceversa . Sometimes i find myself stuck in any point . I can't wait to finish this course as soon as i can for start see the fruits of these efforts . I wish you all the best you can achive from this course .

Hey Kerry

It is only a pleasure and I am happy that my story can serve as inspiration for other people.

Keep working you will get there. Best wishes

Love you comment about being authentic! It's so refreshing to see individuals content on the web rather than the standard dribble that comes from 'professional' companies etc. I recently (through WA) commented on a 'headphones' review. How someone could put so much enthusiasm and originality into an article about a standard everyday product literally blew me away! I nearly bought the headphones

I need to get my schedule right! But I'm getting there!

oh ! and congratulations by the way. I hope to follow in your big footsteps!

Thanks a lot. sir

ha ha that must have been a great post to actually cause you to want to buy too without planning.
Best wishes

Wow, congrats, Thabo, what a well-deserved reward you are receiving!

I am totally convinced that this is your hard work paying off now since I have seen you often in the Need websites comments thread.

Thank you for taking the time to share this, very inspirational for all of us!


Wow, a huge congratulations to you Thabo! Thank you very much for sharing your success story. It's very inspirational for me and I'm soooo pumped on working much harder.

Well done and I really do hope you'll share more of your successes.

Also, thank you very much for your helpful tips, in particular... the "follow the training fully". I haven't done this... backtracking now and doing it all. Lessons learned.


I am so appreciative thanx. I am also grateful I could assist anyone with what helped me.
You can do it too. I started with nothing but hope and work

Best wishes Monica

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