This is crazy!wow: My SALES and VISITORS exploding on my online business monthly

Last Update: April 10, 2020

Just a progress on my success on my online business.

Today I am over the moon with gratitute and I wanted to share the news with everyone.

Hopefully this gives some person courage and motivation for their business.

To say that affilate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life would be and understatement.

Over the months it has been a great one for my online business and the work that I have put over the months is paying off so much.

I have two websites and you can image how challenging this has to be for me to jungle the two but I am not complaining at all.

It seems like every week my traffic is increasing expontentially to a point that I am overwhelmed.

I remember a year ago thinking nothing was happening on my website. However I carried on because I am a person of faith.

Over the last 4 months my traffic has grown to well over 1700 per month and growing.

Below is a snapshot of my daily visitors growing from January until April.

I found that by writing every two days instead of 2 times a week it had a huge impact too.

So not only is my traffic growing at a rapid pace but my income is also growing.

So what did I do to get to this point?

Well it is simple I just followed the training ever since I joined wealthy Affiliate and I can say that the training only works if you also work.

The advice I would say to anyone is that even if you focus on two or three things from the training daily you will eventually see the results.

For example:

  • Publishing Consitently
  • Writing HELPFUL content for your audience
  • Focusing on good SEO

I wish everyone all the best

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ecomtom Premium
Congrats on your success, and thank you for the tips, and encouragement. All the best, Tom
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you man and no problem at all. Best wishes for your business.
ACPetronelli Premium
Congratulations!! Awesome!!
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you very much
HoratioDM Premium
Well done. Your experience is truly inspiring.
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you very much my man
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Great job and thank you for the advice
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you Dorrie
Alysanna Premium
Way to go, Thabo, congrats.

You're absolutely right. If we would just stick to the training, we will soon reap the fruits of our labor.

Here's to many more sales.

Thabo4 Premium
Hey Alice

Thank you a lot. Indeed it is all about persistence.