Unwanted landing Page Added

Last Update: April 14, 2018

I have just added a new post to my website and this landing page has appreared at the top of the blog.

I certainly didn't consciously add it and I can't delete it.

Can anyone advise please?


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MarionBlack Premium
Apart from adding a new post, what else changed? Did you change your theme? Is there a new plugin?

Try a generic theme like Twenty Seventeen and deactivate ALL your plugins and see if the problem goes away.

Then you can re-activate the plugins one at a time until you discover the beast.
terrycarroll Premium
Thanks Marion.
I don't really want to change the theme as I quite like it.
I can't understand why it is only affecting one review (post). All the others are OK. It doesn't appear on the blogroll either
MarionBlack Premium
Something like this can only get there in certain ways.

1. Your theme put it there
2. A plugin put it there
3. You put it there
4. Someone else put it there

To try to narrow down the source you need to eliminate each possibility one at a time.

1. Try a different theme (you can change it back again if that's not the problem)
2. Deactivate all your plugins (if the problem is still there then re-activate them)
3. Check the code in your post
4. Run a scan using Wordfence to make sure your site hasn't been hacked.

Check using a different browser so you're not seeing a cached version of your website.
terrycarroll Premium
Hi Marion and thanks for your suggestions.
I finally got this resolved through Support.
It seems that I have installed a plug in (I can't recall doing it! Senior Moment!} that adds in a landing page.
I deleted the plugin and the landing page has gone.

Talk soon :-)

newmarketpro Premium
This must be caused by the theme customization. Go to the customization tab at the top of your editor and see if you can configure it there.
terrycarroll Premium
Hi Joe and thanks for coming back on this.

I have gone into the customise tab but there doesn't seem to be anything there that would help.
I am mystified that it is only affecting my latest post and not all the others. It doesn't show on the blogroll either.