Thank You For Keeping Us Free

Last Update: November 10, 2016

Because of the brave men and women who have fought in the world's wars, and those who are fighting this very minute - WE ARE FREE. For their selfless efforts, and ultimate sacrifice, we on the sidelines want to offer our humble gratitude. If not for you people of amazing character, would be be lucky enough to be HERE at WA? Would we be free to choose or niches, our businesses, ... or schedules to pursue our success?

Now, November 11th, is another official Remembrance Day in a few parts of our world, as here in Canada. Along with Veterans Day in the USA, and other most important national remembrance dates, we bow our heads for just 2 minutes of silence, letting the memories flood in, and the heartfelt gratitude go out.

We think of the terrible toll war has taken on bereaved families. We take the time to realize that the 'survivors' and the discharged, are victimized every day by physical and emotional scarring. It is extremely doubtful that even one surviving soul has escaped PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder :(

We have many brave, selfless friends right here among us at WA. To them and everyone involved - we say THANK YOU, from the bottom of our free hearts. We buy a poppy, pin it on, and we remember.

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KeithMaki Premium
Great Post! We need to remember all the vets - like Mike - and thank them for their contributions!
EricKarch1 Premium
Great post!!
MKearns Premium
As a Vietnam war veteran and with 30 yearsof us Navy service, I salute this memorable holiday!
MyraBeth Premium
It is called Veterans Day on November 11th in USA. Memorial Day (USA holiday) is in May.

But it doesn't matter what we call it - Remembrance or Veterans Day, it is a day for us all to respect and honor those who gave, and some gave all - to protect our freedoms.

I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful veterans. And my other son is Active Duty.

We can all do our part and serve, volunteer and care for our neighbors and communities. Those brave men and women need to know that there is a peaceful place to come home.
terrberr Premium
Thank you, Beth - got that corrected.
Bless your heart, and your family. Your men have, and are, doing you and everyone proud:)
NRosales Premium
Salute to them.