Time for a small break to Revitalise

Last Update: June 30, 2015

Not really a blog as such, more of a notice to so many of you who have helped me.

I am off line for 3 weeks and travelling across the opposite side of the world to Sweden. Almost the furtherest place from Melbourne. Going to marry our daughter off to a nice Swedish gentleman. She loves us dearly just doesn't want to live too close.

A first will be achieved when I perform the wedding ceremony, well a first for me.

Getting back here to Aus and WA I can see the need to earn lots of cash to pay for the flights over the next few years to visit the possible grandchildren.

I'll be around till Saturday then gone. I imagine I may be busy dodging all the associated wedding fuss to link up at WA.



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LeannL Premium
Congratulations Terry, how beautiful to get to perform your daughter's wedding ceremony.Praying for God's traveling mercies.
Neatlz65 Premium
Best wishes to your daughter and her groom...as well to the beaming and proud father, Terry
afreedom Premium
happy wedding and have fun...
LolaAJ1 Premium
What a wonderful trip for a beautiful reason...love and marriage.
Congratulations to all.
Travel safe and enjoy every moment of the adventure, especially your first performance of the ceremony. How cool that's it will be in honor of your daughter and her swedish gent.
We''ll be here waiting for you to return.
TerrBarr Premium
Thanks so mich for your thoughts and wishes
lillakiara Premium
Nice! You will be coming here during the most beautiful time of year :)
Might I ask where in Sweden you are going?
Wishing you all a wonderful experience and an amazing wedding!
Take care, Kristina
TerrBarr Premium
Thank you, The temperature is awesome there at the moment. They living in Vasastan a northern suburb of Stockholm. The wedding is about an hour outside of Stockholm at a resort. Then we spend a fortnight up north at the family summer house before coming home.
Thanks for your blessings