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Not really a blog as such, more of a notice to so many of you who have helped me.I am off line for 3 weeks and travelling across the opposite side of the world to Sweden. Almost the furtherest place from Melbourne. Going to marry our daughter off to a nice Swedish gentleman. She loves us dearly just doesn't want to live too close. A first will be achieved when I perform the wedding ceremony, well a first for me. Getting back here to Aus and WA I can see the need to earn lots of cash to pay for
June 14, 2015
Challenges or tests are always with us We rally to meet a challenge and yet we feel threatened by a test.Lessons or learning are also always with us.We get bored or disinterested being given a lesson yet are so keen to find or learn something new.I found this little saying that I thought summed up how I perceive the best way is to help people develop their presentation skills.In School, we are taught a lesson and then given a testIn Life, we are given a challenge so we can then learn
Up to the level 3 of training and so far so good. My site is doing well and shows as healthy on WA. Although I seem to have lost my posts or at least they aren't showing on the site. The amazing people will find out and offer a solution so I am playing here until the calvary arrive. No money yet and I still don't know if google has me ranked anywhere but I am sure that will come. Nothing beats constant hard work and truck loads of hope and faith that I can not only learn all this but I can &am
A fortnight ago Kyle said "Have a break for 10 days before starting your next course" because I had finished course 1. What a great idea. He also said "keep dabbling in WA while on your break." I chose to only recognise the first part of his recommendation. 'Have a Break' I intentionally did that for several reasons closer to home. School holidays so grand kids were to be around plus my wife wanted a slave to perform some serious unpaid bullocking work for her business. Boy oh Boy do those ti
March 17, 2015
Will we be better than Just Over Broke with this new evolution? I'll choose being self occupied any day
February 27, 2015
Well lets party. I have been here a month plus the free time I was looking and deciding if WA suited me I then became premium and started in earnest. I've had a million questions most i have found answers to and the others I have asked and been inundated with brilliant answers from fellow members. Truly amazing and humbling. I have achieved lots, even though I have procrastinated, I have pushed against progress, I have found excuses to not do, I have gotten up a bit earlier each day and done so
February 18, 2015
Developing a Great-Attitude of Gratitude would have to be the most obvious stand out I see among our community. It is so amazing how many people come onto my areas and offer so much support and uplifting comments. I am humbled and elevated at the same time. This effort from you is infectious and provides the source of motivation to do more each day to achieve my objectives. I thank you. Then without any provocation you give me constructive feedback on the steps I take with the development of my
Well with much, combination of procrastination and some perfectioning ( if a word), I got sick of mucking around with my first posting on my site and simply did a video. Very rough around the edges however it is something up there for people to see. What's the saying? ' if there is a will there is a way'. I get so pedantic with what I write. I much prefer talking than writing so I am going to see if I can continue with this approach and see where it can take me. Any and all feedback on my webs
February 03, 2015
Honestly, In a word "Procrastinate" I have been doing all those things that mean nothing and not been doing my writing. The key to success with WA is writing. This isn't really a blog but simply a means for me to vent about not moving forward and allowing myself to avoid doing what must be done. Funny how you know what to do but keep finding ways to avoid it. Dreaming of my goals instead of implementing them. However here I am writing a blog but not writing the material for my site. Im sociali
January 29, 2015
And getting a little tired from the constant study and the struggle of writing. I think at this point the writing is the hardest for me. I need to develop my creative juices and learn more methods and strategies to write the articles needed. You can see I did take the plunge and become Premium and very grateful that I did so far. I like 'Yet', and use it often with myself when I don't know how to do something and get negative. Eg I don't know how to make the header, yet. I always add "yet" an