How badly do you want to succeed with your business?

Last Update: March 24, 2014

Hi all,

I find this very informative -

By Eric Thomas -

A young asks Google to help him succeed and get to the same level as he is. Google said if you want to be at the same level of success I am meet me tomorrow at the beach at 4.00a.m. The young man thought it was not a big deal and indeed got to the beach as agreed.

Google got in the water and asked the young man to come in too.The man said but I want to make money, Google said yes come in the water with me.The man though they were going to swim he got in the water. Google held the man’s head in the water and the man fought hard to get himself out. Before the man could pass out Google got him out of the water and asked how he felt when his head was held in the water.The man said all I wanted was to breath and nothing more.

Google said “If you want to succeed you must want it as much as you want to breathe then you will be successful”. You should not care about phone calls, parties or any other thing other than becoming successful.


Hope that was useful


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RickBell57 Premium
All but a very few people have the ability to do what successful people achieve. Highly successful people do not have a life, do not care about one, and when they do have to go to events or things which are not relevant for being a success...their mind is somewhere else. Like on becoming even more successful. A very high percentage of people which we consider normal do not have this inner drive that success requires. Statistics do not lie.
What is it 99% I forget now.
To me though, success is making it through just one more month here at Wealthy Affiliate.
EC the hip hop preacher is just amazing, I always watch his videos especially when I need that boost of motivation.
2revive Premium
Wow. terenzia.
Awesome read...and you are so right!
chinky1979 Premium
i do think you have to want it that bad!! Lots of us tend to give up on things too easily!
Cathy Ling Premium
I am trying to breath too, amid my flu snuffles which I "contracted" from staying up late and waking early in the morning, building content for my website. Haha....
caylynn Premium
Amazing are the various ways of motivation that create a focused pathway without distractions. Success requires sacrifice. Ouch - excellent post. Thank you, Terenzia. ^_~
MarkoMavaros Premium
Hey Guys, Let's not be extreme about success. Yes I want to success and I am doing my best. But I also want to love, to dance, to go to a show and watch basketball game. Like in all aspects of life, the drive for success should be in balance.
RickBell57 Premium
yep mostly for those that reach high degrees of success, there is no balance, and therefore the success they have is not success at all. But a wheel to grind until they die.
Ivy15 Premium
Thanks terenzia. I will remember this in times of much frustration. Thanks for sharing. :)
Gordi Premium
I like this. Good advice. Go figure, Google would hold us under water, lol
Bill67 Premium
Elson Premium
Good one
ShirleyNot Premium
YES! Harsh, but fair...and so, so true. Thank you!
vivitesomina Premium
Sui_generis Premium
Ouch is right but good lessons never come easy either. Thanks for the post.
KatieMac Premium
Loved the story and says it all thanks for sharing
acoolmil Premium
Getting breathless just reading this Terenzia, almost as bad as watching "Jaws".
tweet76 Premium
Yeah , I can see it takes a lot of commitment
Starcreator Premium
Your right, it takes commitment, even thru tough challenges. You have to keep pushing thru.
cfrazer1 Premium
It sure is a tough lesson to learn, but if you don't want to succeed with your business more than anything else in this world, then it will be very easy to get distracted and loose you focus and goals.
SowAndReap Premium
I saw this video before and I though wow! this is harsh, but I do understand the point he was getting at. Sometimes you have to know what it feels like to get where you want to be.
sherbell82 Premium
This sounds frightening, but it is true. You must eat, sleep and visualize your goal every waking moment. Only then will you succeed. Great story I will definitely be repeating this. Thank you.
mackiejw Premium
WrightA Premium
Wow... A little violent, but a good message nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!!
richard49 Premium
Wontbuyeasy Premium
This is absolutely fine If your a robot you have to also make time for you in this day and age
nomda ploom Premium
frankly a spider would have done the job just as well, but I did get the point...Andy
thriver Premium
Yes - and always remember to Breathe.
Inspiration1 Premium
Yes, that's an exact message. Thanks for sharing.
gracesystem Premium
now that was scary but I got the message
Vgovender Premium
ar20746 Premium
Very useful. Known story but always topical. :)