Questions by TedBurke 11

How do i interpret jaaxy.?
... when my results are like this: Key word/phraseStaying healthy in hot…
2 months ago 10 Replies
Should I go with the jaxxy results or seo results?
While editing my blog, I noticed at the top of my page results from an…
2 months ago 8 Replies
Why are my images blurred?
I used the 'Featured Image' function on one of my blogs and uploaded an…
3 months ago 16 Replies
How do I place images correctly on my blog post?
I find it cumbbersome to place images while in the edit mode of my blog…
3 months ago 12 Replies
What is the 'my blog' for?
Can someone explain to me again what should go into 'My Blog'. I think…
4 months ago 11 Replies
Can you ask you to look at my website?
Hi Kyle, I know I am supposed to use the SiteFeedack mechanism to get…
4 months ago 3 Replies
Why are premium members being asked to view trainings that can only be viewed by premium plus member
I received an email from Kyle and Carson to view a training video called…
4 months ago 4 Replies
Can I get help on blog at wa?
How do I edit something I have put on Blog at WA?
4 months ago 4 Replies
Where is the keyword tool under tools and services?
I just finished listening to Kyle's video in Lesson 8 Level 2. The title…
4 months ago 9 Replies
Dear kyle, is it necessary to write a blog every day or week?
I see many websites act as supply chains for other businesses, such as…
5 months ago 3 Replies
Dear kyle, I think wealthy affiliate is the right place for me. why after 6 hours there is still no
TedBurke Premium about 6 hours agoIt seems to me that if someone cannot…
6 months ago 4 Replies