A Few Pointers for BingAds

Last Update: June 28, 2019

NOTE: This post is geared towards people who have knowledge about PPC and have either tried it or have gone through the training and are thinking of trying it.

There are two specific areas I'd like to point out regarding PPC advertising with Bing. This happens with Google, too. But, I haven't used them in a while.

The two topics I want to cover are:

  1. Quality Score
  2. Bing Message about Below First Page Bid

For reference, the following is a screenshot of one of my live campaigns for the month of June:

Quality Score

As you can see from the display, Quality Score does matter. I am not showing this to brag. It's more to help set your expectations. As you can see, the first line shows a quality score of 8/10. I am bidding 20 cents on that item and Bing is giving me an average bid of 13 cents.

Now, the next line seems like it is doing better with a much lower quality score. But, that is not actually the case. The low quality score on this item is reducing the chances of it being shown. Just look at the number of impressions compared to the other line items that have much higher quality scores. The reason line item 2 is doing better in this case is just because there are only 4 clicks. My Click through rate (CTR) is lower than the other line items, too.

The third line item shows a quality score of 10/10. Bing has given me several clicks at an average of 8 cents per click. The bottom line is quality score is a big deal.

How do you get your quality scores up? If you follow Kyle's PPC training, he discusses about relevancy. Keep you keywords, ads and landing page relevant. When you do that, Bing will give you a high quality score and reward you with better bids than what you bid.

Below First Page Bid Message from Bing

This item can be frustrating as Bing is trying to get you to bid up. If you notice, the bid price estimates for each of these three flagged messages are 26 cents, 47 cents, and 61 cents, respectively. What this is supposed to mean is that it shouldn't be showing these ads since the prices I have set should not make it to the first page. But, just take a look at the average position (last column). These are decent enough to get clicks.

I can't say for sure, but I believe this too, has to do with the fact that my quality scores are decent.


If you are using PPC, specifically Bing and Google Adwords, get those quality scores up. Bing has been known to reward me with close to 0 bids on occasion. It happens often, actually. Revisit Kyle's PPC training or start taking it if you are considering advertising with Bing or Adwords.

As you can see, you don't have to spend a lot of money for PPC to be effective!

Good Luck!


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wesley26 Premium
HI Jim, thanks for sharing this with all! This is great stuff and I am trying PPC with bingads but I find that the conversions are tough because I am currently targeting US, UK, Australia, Europe, etc. The cost is very high and the conversions are extremely low. So just wanted to check if you have done any more experiments and could share some insights!

Babou3 Premium
Thanks for sharing this great

Have a nice day!
PMindra Premium
Bookmarked for later, Jim
Might come in handy during the learning.
Thank you for sharing.

jlclayton1 Premium
I totally agree with your points and can verify that Bing definitely gives you better bid prices when you have high relevancy. I've gotten $.01-$.05 many times, especially during off hours.

Great tips!

Carson2 Premium
Oh-lords, did I just enter an alien world of unknown knowledge?
techhound Premium Plus
Admittedly, this is meant for people who are already using PPC advertising. However, if you take the courses for PPC, this will be much clearer.
Best Regards,
Carson2 Premium
I can't help but laugh at myself. I've been humbled but fortunately made aware I have new things to learn. I look forward to it Jim.
techhound Premium Plus
Hey Carson, your comment prompted me to put a disclosure in the beginning of the post. This will help others in similar situations know from the start. Thanks.
KC1953 Premium
It's a jungle out there! lol